All Around The A – Large Gang Music

This right here is an example of what unity can do to Africa at large. Its actually a coincidence ( or maybe not ) that they have Large as their first name! Large Gang Music, a sub group of the wider Lang Gang Africa that is more of a lifestyle, is a music group that derives its members from Malawi, Tanzania & Kenya and are currently based in Nairobi. The group which consists of Producer/Rapper Tanaposi from Malawi, Rapper Mufasa from Tanzania, Singer/Rapper Sanchez and Vocalist YL from Kenya are here to unite Africa musically. And boy they are amazingly doing that!The amount of work this group puts out is crazy, I mean they jump on covers and remix all great songs out there and still find time to write, record and release their original material. One thing standing out from all their records is that raw, authentic African sound. From their alias, Africa Strong, you can clearly see the background of their sound. From the lifestyle to the production Large Gang music has created a new style of music called Africa Strong music. Original, fun, Afican tune feel good music: mixing languages from different nations in Africa where the artists come from, and African indeed it is.
Their first official single, La La La La, premiered on Channel O Africa after ruling airwaves on radios across Africa from Nairobi to Blantyre. For a group that has only been active for two years, I say they have achieved a lot within a short duration. Did I forget to mention that their tagline is ‘I work hard’ styled [ #TeamIWorkHard ]?

What makes their music an easy listen is the simplicity of their rhymes, groovy afrobeats and the different languages they incorporate surely widens their fan base across the continent. If the cool kids adopt to this lifestyle of unity in creativity, then Africa has a really bright future for her children. From Nairobi to Africa via Arusha and Blantyre, get introduced to AfricaStrong. Its Team I Work Hard.

Soundcloud : LargeGang

Tumblr : AfricaStrong

Watch La La La La Below


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