All Around the A – Simba Tagz [ Zimbabwe ]


Its been a fortnight since my last post here and boy does it seem like eternity! Well, that can only mean I enjoy doing this. Anyway, I have been up and about the A, globe trotting cybertically (?) in search of that unique authentic music that will make y’all thank me later. I was in search of music from a lesser known country since all we trying to do here at afrimuzik is bridge the gap musically speaking that is.

Zimbabwe is a really beautiful part of Africa, with equally if not even more beautiful people who are really strong. Don’t read between the lines please, there is no figure of speech there you grammar Nazis. Anyway, let me not take all the credit that I don’t deserve but through the help of the awesome lady (the only female King), Charlotte – @LochNation – I was introduced to the epic work of Simba Tagz!

Away from the Wizkid resemblance, I instantly recognized his diversity after sampling his album titled Black. The first song I listened to actually was Tisu Tine Yese, which is an afrobeat collaborative effort they did with Reverb7. Its a smooth easy listen and the groovy afrobeats just makes you wanna dance your blackness away. Plus their vocals blend so well with the instrumental.

Simba has an array of genre fusion from reggae samples to rnb and hip hop. This clearly sets him apart from the rest in the jungle. Plus the fact that he can comfortably sing and rap goes along way to establish him as a great potential in the growing African music scene.

Now from where I originate, Simba means a lion in our local dialect. I guess its right to state that Tagz is a lion (King) in Zimbabwean musical jungle albeit in waiting.

Listen to his music on SoundCloud or Youtube just to have a taste of his pawing. S/O to King Lo for the link up. Lets support Zimbabwean music as Africa forges ahead in a united manner. From Kenya, we say kazi mzuri sana Simba 🙂 . *Google translator will help here*
Listen to stronger below

Twitter – @SimbaTagz

Facebook – Simba Tagz


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