All Around the A – Uptowns [Uganda]


I’m eating a sweet banana as I write this article. All puns intended. If you really love music then it seems good music will always find away to reach you, wherever you are. I am proudly one of the lucky few as I am always on the forefront when it comes to discovering new music around the A. Okay, will y’all just sit back and hear me lie? Of course good music never comes to me, or anyone else for that matter, we search for it. You see, good music is a treasure, you must be willing to excavate through the dirt and mad before you reach the gold.

I came across Uptown via twitter, yes, I saw a tweet from a friend of mine from Nigeria and clicked the link. Just like that and I was listening to some amazing new music from the Motherland of bananas 🙂 So now you know that apart from bananas, Uganda has amazing music too. To start with, you really should be familiar with one half of Uptown, Kyle, if you are a fan of Big Brother Africa since he was the Ugandan representative for the Star Game episode of the show. Remember the guy who used to chill with Prezzo most of the time just singing? Yes that one.

A year later and Kyle hooked up with his best friend Remy Ratzy to form one of the best duo out of Uganda, Uptown. From the name, you should already have an idea what type of music to expect from them. What I like about Uptown is their versatility when it comes to the instrumentals and the simplicity of their hooks make the music easily singalong. As far as they are widely a Hip Hop/RnB outfit, they have been able to utilize their wonderful vocals by singing on danceable beats. I like the fact that you can listen and dance to their music even if it’s a love song. Most RnB artists are not able to do that. The local dialect widely used on the verses also makes them easily appeal to the local audience as the English hooks ensures a global listener-ship. Anyway, good music knows no language barrier.

The fact that the rap princess Keko blessed them with a verse on their Muwala remix also goes along way to portray that people are taking notice of their potential.

As I finish up on my banana, you can take time to listen to Nakuwaza below and dedicate it to that person who is always on your mind.


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