Wild Wednesday: Give Love.

I spent another twelve hours on an internet blackout. God knows how much I despise that. It gets on my nerves whenever there is an internet breakdown like arrrgggg!!! I spent Saturday and Monday with my little homie Vinjay and he made a really dope mix that I was hoping to upload and share with y’all but I haven’t been able due to the bad internet. Vin inspires me greatly, just by sitting and observing how he does what he does, plus the determination and the perseverance that the kid has is priceless. I learn a lot from him every time we hang out.

Many a times I shy away from the public and retreat to my private cocoon, to look at the on-goings from a regular guys’  point of view. It helps me retain my focus and deal with the pressure from within and without. When there is a lot of expectations from you, its easy to experience a breakdown. I calm my mind by listening to new music, something strange and unique that I have never listened to before. I find magic in it. Makes me regain back my focus as well us breaking the creative block.

I see a lot of artists with great potential getting sidelined by mainstream media just because they don’t have a major label bankrolling their projects. I’m not trying to be the alternative to mainstream media, but I believe in doing something. Albeit small, it is my little way of making the world a better place and I am so certain that Michael Jackson will be so proud of me in the end since I tried. I am not looking for any payback from the artists, the best you can do is work harder and be successful at what you do, that will be the best reward you can give to me. I am an artist too and it hurts me seeing y’all go through the same struggles that we face. Just hold on, it will be well, prayers do get answered.

I only have one request from y’all. Please stop hating on one another, lets unite and build each other. Love is the greatest gift of all. The best thing you can ever do is share love with one another. There is strength in unity. The industry is already full of hate from all quarters that the least we can do is tolerate one another and appreciate our diversity. I won’t tire in my quest to find better avenues to share all the amazing music y’all make. I offered to carry Africa on my back till the day I go back to my creator and I am determined to do just that. All my contact details are availed for you to get through to me whenever.

In the spirit of love, listen to Mc Yogi perform this classic love themed song.



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