All Around the A – K.R.Y.T.I.C. [Zambia]

They say music is the universal language, well then some of us are linguists judging by the greatness of their music, while others are great at music as a result of all the languages they know. Whichever way, I consider myself blessed to even know some of the best artists across Africa and the least I can do is to share their awesomeness with you. Music, especially African music is all about our diverse cultures. That is, societies rich in culture tend to have great music and vice versa. So for an artist who has had the privilege of sampling different cultures while growing up, it’s only logical of them to make great music too.

I have known K.R.Y.T.I.C and his music for a while and initially he was just a good friend we could chat with online and share music whenever he had new stuff out. But that was until one day I got really interested in his art and did a background check on him. For starters, it’s really humbling to know all the challenges Tic went through to get to where he is now. You see, it’s easy for some of us just to enjoy the music that people make without associating with them but once you get to know someone and understand why they do what they do, then some kind of respect sets in and its no longer just about the art, but the respect for the artist too. Friendship aside, this is one person I honestly look up to as I am inspired by his journey so far.

Tic is one of the best emcees out here around the continent. It’s not everyday that you find an artist who can comfortably juggle different genres while still maintaining his brand image as a hip hop mc. I respect musicians who go out of their way to experiment with different type of music and not get subdued while at it. If you listen to records like District Rhyme you get first hand encounter into the mind of a Hip Hop artist just laying bars, while Acoustic Spaces introduces you to a poet whose lines have deeper meaning. After laying dope bars on Jo’ Saka, Tic went ahead to do the best cover this year when he jumped on Cole’s Let Nas Down, to make his on version titled “Let Daddy Zemus Down” which not only portrayed the industry situation in Zambia but Africa at large.

Away from the conscious poet, K.R.Y.T.I.C proves to be a fun guy as seen in a couple of records including the runway hit Vitumbua! That’s where his artistry is shown best as you get to hear his diversity, like when he featured on Dj Syndicate’s Ali Fo Gali which is a straight up dance song. Tic can be gentle too especially when it comes to making some lovey dovey music for the beautiful ladies. Africa, what more can you ask for really? Here is an all-round artist who comfortably flips between genres and holds his own. In the spirit of #Tictatorship, I was going to leave you with the classic Vitumbua but since ladies declared that they rule the world, it’s only fair to respect them and give them Teti, which he did alongside the talented F Jay.

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2 thoughts on “All Around the A – K.R.Y.T.I.C. [Zambia]

    • Krytic is from Ndola, but he is currently based in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Thanks for the readership Tembo, it means a lot that you even took time to post a question. appreciated.

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