All around the A – Toofan [Togo]

Mesdames et gentlement, je suis espérons que vous êtes aussi enthousiastes que je suis 😀 Now that’s how to start an article if you want to talk about the best group (probably) out of a french speaking nation! Togo practically came into the public radar after qualifying for the world cup, right? I am not sure. What I am sure of is that with the world cup qualification in 2006, a music group called Toofan thrust into the limelight and has never looked back since then. A quick note right there, music and games go hand in hand, ask Emmanuel Adebayor to expound on this. Toofan had just utilized an opportunity wisely to make a name for themselves.

Must Just and Barabas co-founded this super group sometime around 2005 and has since been deemed as the pride of Togo, musically speaking. Can I get a ‘oui monsieur’? Thank you. By the way Togolese, this article is intentionally written in English because Kenya was a British colony. History should have told you that by now 🙂 Moving on swiftly, the group introduced and popularized “Obragada” as their style of music. Before you Google it up, let me help you out. Obragada is a very popular style in French speaking Africa and in the Mina language of Togo it means, I’m fine, now thank me later.   Obragada is a mixture of indigenous music, rap, funk, hip hop, reggae, R&B ,and even comedy at times. Perfect combo for African audience if you ask me.

Now before you Obragadise your waist, it will interest you to know that not only does Toofan make great party songs, but they also create a lot of socially conscious music that everyone relates too, like A.I.M.E.S/AFRIQUE. Talk about responsibly using your God given talent to influence the society positively. The songs are largely danceable and they have high quality videos meaning the group invests heavily on its music. To top it up, Togo has some of the fliest ladies I’ve seen around and trust me when I say there is nothing more amazing than a beautiful African lady that can swiftly shake a bum! By listening to Toofans’ music, I’ve been able to prove a few facts; first, that music has no language barrier, second, that it’s all Obragada in Togo, last and most importantly, that Africa is the greatest. All we need is unity and ability to appreciate out diversity.

Apart from the picture of Togo in my world map, I don’t even have an idea where it is, but I’m so certain that Toofan are headed for greater things. Good music never sleeps, it travels. Since it’s Friday, Africa lets dance our darkness away to some obragada, God knows I love me some good music alongside my glass of Amarulla, it goes in really well. Beaucoup d’amour pour l’Afrique de support, continuer à être unis, tilll nous réunir à nouveau, obragadaaaa 😀

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2 thoughts on “All around the A – Toofan [Togo]

  1. Les gars vous ne faites pas que la fierté du Togo et de l’Afrique mais aussi de tous les jeunes Africains dans le monde ! je parle en connaissance de cause :Aujourd’hui grâce aux Toofan plusieurs jeunes croient en leurs rêves moi même j’en suis l’exemple ! Une seul chose à dire c’est chapeau! Comme barabas m’a dit sur Twitter “quand c’est bon c’est bon”.et en passant j’aime trop votre gweta dance !c’est du style!

    • merci beaucoup pour votre observation de la profondeur dans. L’Afrique est en effet très bien, mais nous avons besoin de l’unité afin de prospérer. quand il est bon, il est vraiment bon. et l’Afrique est la meilleure. Tellement heureux d’interagir avec vous les gars incroyables de l’Ouest de notre continent 🙂

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