All around the A – A Million Dollar Ru [Namibia]

Wa lala po Africa, Edhina lyoye olini? On this beautiful Etyali morning, I’m happy to practice my ndonga dialect as I appreciate the beauty of our diverse cultures. Don’t you just love a lady with that IDGAF attitude? I love me some gangsta chick who is chic too!! Hell yeah that turns me on. Attitudes aside, Namibia became our best friend when we signed an agreement to share BBA winner Dilish. Plus parents ought to stick together for the family unit to be complete right? Anyway, the music industry is known to be very hard on female artists, especially femcees, hence the reason why there are only a handful of them. Well Africa, here is a harijuku fashionista, swagged up youngin’ who is not shy to speak her mind, lyrically that is.

I spent a whole day just juggling and flipping through Ru-CuteGeek’s catalog, trying to find her musical bearing. I gave up after seven hours only to come back an hour later, armed with a glass of my favorite Amarulla drink. I love the rawness in this ladies lyrics. Hip Hop changed greatly in the recent past. Not many rappers nowadays rap about what they feel like without giving a damn on the language content. The beauty of Hip hop is actually the rough ruggedness in the lyrics and Ru brings exactly that on the table. Listening to The Realest (remix), this girl just jazzes me, I mean like seriously she has attitude from here to Pakistan, and it’s working so well for her. To Ru it’s simple, listen to my music how I make them, not how you like them.

After listening to her whole soundcloud collection, interviews included, I realized that away from the gangsta rapper, Ru is actually a sweet girl and she is bright too considering her education background. talk about beauty and brains combined with a beat. What makes it even better is the diversity of her work, the melodious and addictive hooks and samples. Once in a while, she flips in her local Oshiwambo dialect to the delight of the fans. My Life and Real Gwap are my favorites so far. This lady works real hard, you just need to check out the track-list from her catalog to attest to this.

From the look of things, Africa has launched an all out assault to conquer the world music scene and I am so loving this. We have waited for far too long, now it’s our time, let’s do this. From Kalacha in the Chalbi desert here in Kenya to the sand dunes in Namib desert, Africa sends love to Ru, keep on representing for the femcees of our motherland. No one can do it like you.

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