All around the A – Davina Green [Zimbabwe]

Well, well, well, where do we start this from? Hmm, I’m practically confused, but hey, with such an amazing beauty, which (straight) man wouldn’t be? I bet mother Africa must be so proud whenever she remembers that Davina Green is one of her children! And ooh, next time in case you wanna know the meaning of African beauty, kindly just google Davina Green instead, it’s that simple.

Not everyday you get to see beauty, brains and talent on a single being, trust me it’s rare just like finding the warm African sun in the Antarctica. I am listening to ‘Love You Need‘ as I type this, it’s eargasm. Not only is this lady beautiful, her vocals are fine as the South African Amarulla (you know I love that). I’m not even going to attempt to compare Davinas’ music to any known artist, whether there is one that sounds like her, I don;t care. To me, it is just her in her own world. It’s whatever you like is now playing and hell yeah I like it, whatever. If our wonderful African ladies keep making such beautiful music, then please tell me why Alicia Keys or Rihanna should even win a Grammy? By the way, I love the instrumentals on this one, the cords are just perfect. Did I mention that Tagz is on this record?

My favorite single Half the Man is now playing and my instincts tell me that she purposely wrote this for me. Don’t bother telling me otherwise Davina. What hurts me is the tone of the song. It is actually the voice of a heartbroken woman singing. I hope no one dares to break the heart of this African treasure. God bless you Davina. Moving on swiftly, wait, to where? I’m not moving anywhere, this is just so sweet a voice to move away from. If you love to dance to some good music, then Remember is your perfect choice off the Davina Green collection. Africa surely needs to remember that this lady is making her motherland proud. By now I hope I don’t even need to convince anyone that they ought to support Davina reach the pinnacles of her dream.

As we sadly end this journey, let’s wind everything with this classic. And ooh, Miss Green, I sure remember when I fell in love with your beautiful voice. So I will gladly listen to you, Everytime đŸ˜€

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