All around the A – Rajae [Morocco]

By now you should be convinced that Africa is the land of talent, personally, I am. They say you can never find diamond unless you withstand the coal. The same applies to African music, there is just so much hidden treasure but it seems we as a people are lazy to dig out the dirt and reach for the gold. I am the luckiest person alive, being able to discover all this amazing music on a first hand basis is the best thing any human can ever thirst for. Music is the food for the soul, great music results in a healthy being. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Morocco via Algeria and Netherlands.

Let me start by clarifying something, I have tried my best to represent my continent Africa, but I feel like i have not even achieved much in representing my own country. Now here is a lady who is representing not only three countries, but two continents! This lady has a sweet endearing voice, the kind that can kill you softly, literally. How she manages to blend her vocals in all this different type of genres is beyond my knowledge. Like seriously, i never believed that miracles still happen, that’s till I bumped into Rajae’s music. Rajae means “Stronger than Hope, Less than Will” in Arabic & “King” in Indian. El Mouhandiz means “The Engineer” in Arabic. Her full artist name hence is Rajae El mouhandiz. For a person who got introduced to music at the age of four after hearing Chopin and Mozart Dutch when she accompanied a friend to a ballet class, Rajae has grown to be one of the best artists in the world.

I can listen to this ladies’ music the whole day and tomorrow. From Jazz, to pop, house, fusion of rap, rnb to just acoustic songs, she has done it all. Her profound love for Africa is witnessed on a track titled I Love Morocco. For you to know where you are going, never forget where you came from, Rajae knows that all so well. She doesn’t have to scream and shout her African roots, its clearly portrayed through her music which has a deep blend of North African instrumentation. If Africa ever needs a child to make her proud, Rajae will be there, Gracefully. Al Watan is smooth Algerian folk song, performed in stellar vocal control manner. Rajae knows so well that Africa loves to dance and she simply sways you to your feet with the record Milk for Today.

She covers a wide range of genres and topics with her music, indicating her versatility. I always insist that I respect an artists who is all rounded, it’s a fete not many can claim. Hers’ are the type of music where you just hit play and then press replay all, sit down and ease your stress away. Therapeutic music. I could go on and on analyzing her music catalog but I don’t enough space for that. Plus I’d really prefer y’all getting a first hand experience by listening to her music yourself. If anyone has never told you, kindly note that you make Africa proud my beloved sister. May Allah continue making you prosperous, we treasure you.

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Website : Rajae



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