All around the A – Affiliates [Kenya]

We had a long holiday and it made me so lazy. I had to really drag myself to get back to my workaholic self. During the short holiday, I was working to be honest, scavenging for new music. Like I always say, you can sit there and wait for garbage music to be shoved down your throat or you can choose to research on the music you feed a your soul. The choice is yours, you already know mine. So I happened to come across this duo from Nairobi named Affiliates and what struck me right away was the quality of their videos.

To be honest, I don’t know much information about them and Google couldn’t help me much as you can guess, a Google search on ‘Affiliates’ will give a million and one results, non of them was positive to my need. I don’t like doing articles on artists who have really poor online presence, but I had to share with you all these amazing duo’s work. Background info not withstanding, I know one of them is named J-star and together with his partner, they clearly don’t compromise on the quality of their videos.

The first one I watched was On & On, a collab they did with another fast rising rapper, A Rap Kibz. Boy they went in; the vocals are top notch, the video is another bible story all together. The verses are kept short, the mixing is on another level, we talking that new age rap broh. All the verses are tight, non of them disappointed but verse two has got to be my favorite, the flow is eargasm. The video, mmh, what should I say? Nothing, the editing on this will sure catch so many cats unawares, this director did his homework proper. Watch this.

After watching that video, I did a quick background check on youtube and I came across another crisp video for their single My City, which is actually my favorite. This guys surely know the worth of a high quality video and I am so certain that within no minute, it will pay off. Allow me to share this too;

Epic job Affiliates, I’m proud of your efforts. Just work on your online presence and branding, if you are serious, holla at me I may help you with that. I’m a sucker for good music and you guys definitely deserve the best.

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2 thoughts on “All around the A – Affiliates [Kenya]

    • Exactly my sentiments, am glad you are supporting Kenyan talent. Will do a full feature on Kibz when I get more music. thanks for readership Brenda.

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