#QuickChat – Tech [Malawi]

Had a chat with one of the best RnB new comers, Tech, from Malawi to shade some light on the success of his hit record Tsemwe. Check it below.

AAA: Hey, how are you Tech?

Tech: Am all good, can’t complain.

AAA: Tsemwe seems to be doing well, what was the secret behind its success?

Tech: Well, hard work I’d say, I worked hard on the promotion.

AAA: Ooh, what inspired you to make tsemwe?

Tech: Well, I’d say the beat, I loved the beat. That’s when I started writing to it.

AAA: Who produced it by the way?

Tech: Swisha (@audiorockswisha) produced it, but I got hold of the beat from Bucci,

AAA: have you released other songs after tsemwe, and if so, how is the response from the public?

Tech: I’ve released Namwali after Tsemwe, and the response so far is good, but I haven’t promoted it yet like I did with tsemwe.

AAA: do you think it will reach the success tsemwe reached?

Tech: To be honest, no, I raised the bar too high on tsemwe, namwali can’t beat it. But I will beat Tsemwe in no time. Am still working.

Well we can keep enjoying Tsemwe as we wait for Tech to unleash the next monster!


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