All around the A – Duddi Wallace [E. Guniea]

Hey maravillosa madre África, ¿cómo es tu pueblo carenado? I’m a real ninja, so I do real things and i am so on my Hip Hop head today. Man, aren’t you just amazed by the talent Africans possess? Now it is overflowing to the rest of the world, literally. We are exporting talent all over the globe! I’m never one to justify my statements but for the sake of any doubting Thomases out there, I will let this gentleman’s music do the justification for me. I love languages, no I’m obsessed with the knowledge of foreign languages. That means that any artist who can express his rhymes in more than one language is already granted listener-ship by my choosy ears. A while back, a Tanzanian artist declared that he is better than Jay Z because he can rap in more than one language, well, roger that.

Equatorial Guinea is the only African country where Spanish is widely spoken and is the official language. My sister should have known that, considering all the Spanish soaps operas she follows keenly on Television, unfortunately, she doesn’t. Anyway, forget about the soaps, or my sister, there is more to Madrid than Soap operas (or football) and that more is actually the pride of Africa!! Duddi is a great Hip Hop artist from E. Guinea whose popularity extends all the way to Madrid. The guy raps fluently in Spanish and has some verses in English too. Okay, here is the deal, if you are the bubble gum type of guy, then this is not your cup of tea. This is strictly for the Hip Hop heads who understand what real rap is. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but if you never listened to Papoose, EPMD, Talib Kweli, Andre 3000, J. Elec’ and the kind, then kindly take an about turn. Ooh wait, maybe you should actually get to listen to Wallace just so you can have a taste of how real Hip Hop feels like. I swear you will reschedule your playlist.

Honestly, it has been a long while since I came across an artist who raps with ease like Duddi. Rhymes just ooze out of his ribcage in a beautifully intertwined tonal variation. This surely is one of our treasures, one that we need to hold on to dearly. At least Africa gets to give Spain something too, in return to the Soap operas they flood our screens with (but hey, keep them coming, they keep our sisters busy doing nothing 🙂 ) Desde Ciudad del Cabo, Cabo Verde, le saludamos Duddi Wallace, seguimos haciendo la patria orgullosos.

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