A – Interviews – Idyie Vice [The Gambia]


AAA: Okay, lets start with the the basic, what’s your stage name?

Idyie Vice

AAA: Every artist has a story behind there name, what’s yours Vice?

We’ll I always tried to figure out a name for myself but I couldn’t so I just stopped trying. But then one day I was bored and I was just going through a dictionary and I saw the word vice and I read the meaning behind it and I said well, my flow is vice and then my childhood nickname was Idyie my family would call me that so I put the two together and bam Idyie Vice was born lol. It’s kinda like a dual personality

AAA: Quite a story, why did you venture into music bruh?

Because it’s the only way I can properly express my thoughts and opinions. Instead of me telling you about an issue, I rather write a song about it because that’s when I can show you what I am thinking or what I’m feeling.

AAA: Okay, how many tracks have you released so far and which is your best song yet?

Ummmm so far I have 11 tracks online but there’s about 9 new ones, not yet released that are on the mixtape. As for my best, I don’t know, lol it’s between Give Up The Cash and Take The Cheese. To me probably Give Up The Cash but Who Da Best was the most fun making.

AAA: Where can one listen to them online?

On my soundcloud, Idyie Vice Radio

AAA: Great playlist, where do you record your stuff?

In my closet, nothing extravagant for the moment

AAA: Come on man, you produce your own music?

Yea. I’ make some of my beats but others are just instrumentals that I’ve found and liked.

AAA: What about the mixing and mastering?

I don’t have anybody to do it for me so I just try my best and do it for myself using basic plug ins

AAA: That’s inspiring, how has the public’s response to your music been?

It’s been good and gradually growing, people give me encouragement you know. I’m trying my best to expand my audience but everything comes with time ya know.

AAA: Indeed, well said. So the songs on soundcloud, were they part of a mixtape or just random singles?

Most of them were random like the really early ones you can tell by the sound quality lol but the newer ones will be on the mixtape.

AAA: Safe to say this is your first mixtape?

Yup my 1st

AAA: Great, are we honoured to know it’s title already?

Yea it called “Another Rapper

AAA: Simple, whats unique about it?

Well I feel like I’m bringing the art of story telling back, kinda like how Biggie used to do it. I also have a new flavor of consciousness to Hip hop coupled with originality, the wording and everything, ya’ll will see.


AAA: I personally love that aspect of Hip Hop, any producer or artist you working with on the project?

Uhh yea I’m working with BDR audio,  they’re a recording studio based in Hawaii. They gave me a few beats to rap on.

AAA: Really? That’s a progress, how did you link up with them?

They followed me on twitter and they had there Instagram name in their bio so I got to their insta page and they had a few videos of their beats. I really liked one and asked if I could have it and they said yeah and ever since then we have been in touch. I’m actually supposed to release a song under there label soon so look out for that.

AAA: That makes me proud, I love seeing African artists making moves. What else is in store for us?

Thanks, I’m also performing at my cousins college next month so that’s gonna be a big thing since it’s my 1st performance.

AAA: Cheers on that, any artist in or outside Gambia that you wanna work with in future?

Yea I’m trying to work wit Gee he’s a real talented artist and also a nice guy, I love how he blends the African sound wit hip hop. We’ll be working together soon.

AAA: Gee is my Homie, I respect his hustle. I am surely on the look out for that. Radio-wise, are you getting any airplay?

Noooo not yet lol.

AAA: It will happen, its all about patient,

Exactly but I’m convinced within a year and a half I’ll  blow man I’m telling you.

Trust you will ace all these, greatness comes to those who wait broh, it’s been an honour speaking to you. Really wish you all the best in this journey.

Follow : @OG_Vice

Music : Idyie Vice Radio


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