All around the A – Be One Squad [W. Africa]

I am happy, very happy I must add. At last I have found something to be proud about! Wait, this ought to be in French. OK, je suis heureux, très heureux, je dois ajouter. J’ai enfin trouvé quelque chose à être fiers! Anyone who has ever cared to do a background check on me can testify to how I hurt to see a united Africa, musically. It’s just sad that most artists, propelled by their big egos, are too adamant to work with their fellows. Well, Africa, that is about to end if what this group is doing is anything to go by. Here is one of the reason why I declare myself a proud African, once again.

Be One Squad, from West Africa are my new best crew, simply because they are using music to unite Africa, nothing beats that, period. The group is a collection of producers and lyricists from Benin, Guinea, Senegal and The Gambia with members namely Cleana, Genius King 2DM, Badryl, Moustaph and Black Blood. When I bumped into their music, it was actually a freestyle clip on YouTube and it had that raw, street vibe to it. I grew up listening to The Lost Boyz, Naughty by Nature and Outlawz immortalz so you should understand my addiction with Gang-rap. Their tracks are heavily crunk but there are no Cheef Keep type of raps on it though. It’s that rough on your face kind of music. Since rappers nowadays are softer that RnB artists, this is some good vibe for Ol’ skool heads like me.

By using commercial crunk beats while giving it the raw street appeal, Be One Squad has done some good balancing act and is sure to cut across the boundaries. The group is clearly versatile plus the fact that they incorporate different languages in their music ensures that they reach a wider audience. You can listen to Diay La Preek and Taf killer to experience what I am talking about. There is a single titled Long Time that will get all the reggae lovers across the continent waving their Zion flags. Game Over is definitely my favorite of all their songs, the fusion on this one is on another level!!! I can’t really pinpoint each member and the state they represent, but I sure know Be One Squad represents the United States of Africa and that;s enough. We salute you, all over Africa.

Dans un monde plein de haine et l’individualisme, c’est une bénédiction de voir des frères qui se réunissent pour poursuivre un rêve commun pour le bien de la patrie.

Join Be One Squad on facebook.

Listen to Be One Squad : Reverbnation


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