All around the A – Killer Kanana [Kenya]

I’m in love for the last time, wait, what did I just confess? Ooh, yes I’m in love, always has been by the way, with music that is. Love is the greatest gift, so they said and I for once have to agree with this after listening to an amazing lady named Kanana. I have never seen someone sing so passionately about love before. The last time I was close to this was when Mrs Cannon released We Belong Together, quite a while, right? I don’t even know much info about this African queen, but I sure know that she is talented. Just from her music, you can see how beautiful a soul she has.

I have never written an article about a female Kenyan artist, cos well, they don’t interest me, apart from Amileena that is. But when I came across Kanana’s debut track, I immediately started writing, without even watching the video to the end. For once, I was tempted to fall in love, literally by the Angel that was singing. The lady is beautiful, lovely, jovial and God she sings so well!! Where have you been Kanana? Please tell me you have more music coming, and you plan to be here on the scene for a while. I’m sure those are not my sole sentiments but a thousand and one guys second me. Thank you Kaka Empire for unveiling this gem.

Africa, please welcome one of your most adorable daughters that is sure to make you proud. When I say she is amazing, then you have to believe me. Why else would the one and only Swahili Shakespeare aka Kaka Sungura cosign her to the level of making a guest appearance on her first song? Rabbit did just that and its testament to the faith he has in this lady. Watch her debut jam here. NI MAPENZI TUUUU!!!!

Guys, follow this wonderful lady.

Twitter : @IamKanana

Facebook : Kanana Mziki


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