From Morocco to the World – Rajae at TEDx

IMG_1565photo courtesy of Hanan Haddouch

Don’t we all just love when our sisters work against all odds to make the motherland proud? Considered a dark continent, what many fail to acknowledge are the beautiful souls that mother Africa has blessed the world with. Souls that emanate light and brighten up the whole room wherever they go. Rajae is one such soul, a true African pride. I already shared with you her brilliant music awhile back and as you know, that magnitude of greatness can not be confined nor restrained. The sister will grace the internationally renowned TEDx talk at the Mezz in Breda this Thursday 31st October and then proceed to perform at the same convention, the following day that is 1st November.

You know what that means? Famous speakers such as Al Gore, Isabel Allende and Bill Clinton have made big impressions at the same platform in the past and our sister Rajae is set to join them. Rajae will make the theme ‘A Time to Wonder’ come alive by making the audience look at today’s world through her eyes. Unfortunately, a world in which superficial and negative sentiments toward Muslims and immigrants seems to be growing stronger every day. All odds are against a Muslim lady in this entertainment industry according to Hollywood standards. Rajae works against all this odds to make Africa proud! Thanks to this years’  Inspiration Award winner, Petra Stienen for inviting Rajae to share her awesomeness with the rest of the world. A chance for a Change is indeed headed our way.

You can listen via live stream to Rajae’s TED talk here

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Official site: RAJAE



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