All around the A – Team Salut [W. Africa]

I am under medication for malaria and this can only mean two things; either Amarulla changed their ingredients or my supplier is playing tricks on me. I mean the last time I was ill the doctor professionally prescribed a glass of Amarulla a day for me and all the while it has worked magic. I don’t like switching suppliers and the thought of my favorite drink changing their ingredients makes me even more sick. As you pray for me (or the Amarulla), I have some wonderful music that I couldn’t withhold sharing with y’all. Apart from the medicine, this music has been my sole companion since my Mom claims that I’m too grown to be taken care of now.

A group of three gentlemen, doubling as artists and producers are out to conquer the world with Afrobeats! No one is ready for this but hey, does it matter? It never did, great minds rarely wait for a cosign, they make the cosign. Straight from West Africa, the London based trio of GKP + T.I.M, Mista Wood are working round the clock to make the Motherland proud. Armed with great lyrics, stellar delivery and exquisite Afrobeat production skills, Team Salut are here to make you dance. The best part about all of these is the diversity in their sounds. The group explores different African sounds from kwaito, Soukus, Coupe Decale to a bit of lingala, all united in Afro-beat. Music has never been this interesting I tell you.

If you have fun making music, even the people who get to consume it will definitely have fun, Salut does exactly that. I confess I have been listening to Kele for a week straight now, it’s my alarm tone, ringtone, this tone, that tone, and every other tone you can mention. As a matter of fact, it’s my dream tone too because I wake up in the middle of my dream to find it playing, all through the night.  Lilabala has that deep Nigerian afrobeat feel to it, complete with the vocals. Delilah is another infectious jam, okay! I think if I start analyzing this Album, I will just waste your time considering that I am not even a professional. Please head over to soundcloud and listen  for yourself. You know what they say? If you aren’t a part of it, at least you got to witness. Ceteris paribus, I hereby declare United Colours of Africa the best album of the year, your opinions are negligible, sadly.

But hey, before you start fronting, we need to give it up to Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria for blessing the motherland with this talented trio. Africa celebrates you gentlemen, kindly keep making the motherland proud. In a true African spirit, there is no better way of celebration than dance, so here, let’s all dance to Buka!! Oshe, BARAKATA 😀

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