All around the A – Abyusif [Egypt]

If you have read all the episodes of All Around The A this week, then you should have a glimpse of what I’m trying to highlight. Music is a universal language, the only one of it’s own. All through the week, I have been sharing music by artists who use different languages, other than English to convey their thoughts. The experience has been magical to say the least and it’s not even near from over. You haven’t heard the best from Africa’s diverse culture yet, I assure you. What do you know about Arabic rap? I guess nothing, and that’s the reason why we are here, so that we can take you on an adventure around Africa. This time round, get your touring sets ready as we head over to Al Qahirah, Egypt.

Egypt has been known for many things especially it’s rich historical background and the astounding pyramids. Practically everyone from Jesus to Yeezus know about this great country found in the North of Africa. Great Hip Hop artists the world over are known to make or have made lyrical references to Egypt in their music. Ironically, not much is know about the rap scene in Egypt. However, all that is about to change as some hardworking guys are so determined to put Egypt on the rap map. Leading on this quest is Abyusif and his producer partner Swag Lee. This drummer turned rapper is surely focused on his music now more than ever. He makes rapping in Arabic so cool and attractive you won’t even notice the strangeness of the language.

Starting out as a metal rock drummist, Abyusif played for several bands in Egypt, even touring the US at some point. The strong influence of rock and his love for metal is still very evident in his music. Most of his tracks are a fusion of hip hop and rock, giving it a must listen appeal. He has a ferocious rap delivery and a superb mastery of his native Arabic language makes his music ear candy. Listen to Respect to All to get what I’m talking about.

Facebooj : Abyusif exclusif

Music : SoundCloud


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