All around the A – Illest Izra L [Chad]

Bon, je suppose ici, c’est l’endroit où je renonce à essayer de prouver que l’Afrique possède une multitude de talents. Je veux dire, sérieusement, j’ai déjà connu tant de diversité dans la musique africaine, tant de grandeur et même beaucoup plus d’éclat à des artistes africains. Excuse my french, adjectives can’t even get close to describing what I’m talking about. I basically didn’t know about Chad until today morning when I saw it on the map and decided to Google a little bit about it since you know, I love acquainting myself with knowledge pertaining to our motherland. I’m not a bloke as you may presume, there are just so many countries around the beautiful Africa that we don’t bother with, unless something about them interests us. I won’t be surprised if someone somewhere has never heard of Nairobi, or even Kenya, but that’s near impossible since we exported Obama to lead the world’s only remaining superpower 😀

Hey, why I’m I even flexing lol, we are here for nothing but the music. Forget about the rants and let’s share some quality time courtesy of music. Anyway, I was just creating a rapport, you know a great story deserves an equality dope introduction, right? Now onto business, I came across an artist from the wonderful land of Chad that may simply pass as the best musician Africa will ever have! Izra L is the name of this gentleman and he is part of a Montreal based band called H’SAO but today I will just focus on the man alone. À bien y penser, je devrais écrire ce en français, non? Forget it, my french sucks, Izra, go get a google translator or something bro. Honestly, I don’t know how I can start talking about his music, I really don’t want to ruin anything here. Whether it is the African percussions, his distinctive voice, thought-provoking lyrics, mastery of North African dialect or the ‘yes we can’ attitude that does it for him, I can’t tell. I’m now listening to YANG’HA Girls as I type this, the African drums authentically serenades the whole song. Beautiful!

Izra is  a diverse musician; the professional pianist, dancer and songwriter is surely an all rounded artist. How I hope to see him live on stage very soon. Just by listening to his music, you can tell that he does have fun while making them. I am now playing Mamadou, which is actually my favorite. Here, he comes through as a motivational artist urging Africans to rise up and believe in themselves. In other words, don’t let anyone bring you down. The strings on Mamadou are reminiscent of the Congolese soukus, just epic. Izra doesn’t need to even whisper his African-ness as it is clearly a major element of all his music. His islamic religion is not left behind too as he laces the lyrics with it here and there. The fact that he uses different languages on his songs is another added advantage as this widens his fan base. Language aside, I was already hooked to his music the moment I listen to Mamadou. The chanty nature of Tabo Chabab makes it a very powerful jam. Coupled with Rita’s vocals and Izra’s delivery, this is just the song to get psyched up to.

Let me not even spoil the party, you need to listen to this awesomeness yourself. Look out for a feature on H’SAO real soon. If you ever had a doubt about Izra L’s patriotism, then watch the video below, dedicated to our motherland. As for me, I simply know this is the African revolution, yes we can generation!!! Que Dieu vous bénisse Izra L, nous vous remercions beaucoup.

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Facebook : IZRA L

Music : ReverbNation

Website: H’SAO


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