All around the A – Teddy Yo [Ethiopia]

I was listening to my sister’s new song and it actually hit me that she is an ardent Rastafarian. I wish you could hear the type of conversations we always have, you can die with laughter. Anyway, a picture they say, tells a thousand words. Well, you should already know where I’m heading with this if you can put two and two together. Ethiopia is known the world over for the Rastafarian movement, a way of life that is hugely attributed to Tafari Makonnen, (an emperor who ruled between 1930–1974) alias Haile Selassie I. Enough with the history, that’s not what Amarula motivates me to do, so let’s jump straight to music. I first heard about Teddy Yo back in 2010 when he released Guragetone, unfortunately, at that time I didn’t have a platform to share his wonderful music with y’all.

Fast forward to 2012 and I was again listening to his new release then, Sawa Sewalegn, alongside Ziggy Zaga that was a remake of Mr. Flavour’s viral hit, Nwa Baby. Boy did they give the song a new lease of life all together!! But it was the track Tri Ayiqebelim an Amharic term which loosely translates to “the line you are calling is currently unavailable” that did it for me. That is a line most mobile phone users are familiar with and more often than not it irritates the hell out of people. However, Teddy managed to infuse it in a song, creating a danceable catchy jam. All this while, I know most of you think that all the above songs are reggae or something. Well, be ready for a surprise. Tewodros Assefa commonly referred to as Teddy Yo is a renowned Hip Hop artist, hailing from the Gurage region of Ethiopia. The rapper has been able to craft a new sound, a combination of his native Gurage music with a feel of urban hip hop.

This has worked so much in his favor as he is one of the leading urban music artists in Ethiopia. I keep urging artists to be open minded and explore different sounds, experimentation is the future to great music, take that from me. An ardent Ice Cube, Tupac and Eazy E fan, Teddy has an array of musical gems, ranging from party theme to conscious ones. A good artist surely knows how to strike a balance between the two, since it’s no rocket science realizing that people can’t party everyday. At times, we need to listen to something deeper, that speaks to our inner soul. Teddy has been able to do just that. You guys better believe when I proclaim that Africa is the future of world music. One of the main factors that can ensure this, is our diverse cultural differences, if we can just wake up and embrace them. The world really needs to listen to our music and there is no better way than fusing them with the modern sounds to create tunes with a wider appeal.

Well, in Africa, any occasion is always accompanied by music as it is our way of celebration. Since today we are celebrating one of our own who is working hard and going the extra mile to make the motherland proud, let’s dance to some good music, by him. Here is an afrobeat jam to kickstart your Friday, it’s Teddy Yo alongside Werajale and DJ Sem. All the beautiful African ladies, kene gar medenes tefelegiyalesh? Anyway, Me’elkam ken yihunilachu everyone 😀

Facebook : Teddy Yoo


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