A – interviews – Hazel Mak [Malawi]

You are actually the first lady on our A-interview, may you tell Africa who you are?

 My name is Hazel Mak, I am a female Malawian singer and song writer.

 Hazel is a sweet name, when did you decide to join the music industry?

I have been in the music industry for close to 13 years! I love music so much that I actually have a degree in Marketing, Music and Media Management.

That’s impressive, what really drove you into the industry?

Well, music is the only thing I ever wanted to do….from an early age I was drawn to the creative arts so getting into the industry was inevitable.

Most female artists play musical instruments, which is your favorite?

 I used to play the piano and Key board but now the only instrument I play are my soulful vocal chords! lol

Hahaha, you are funny. So what do you think separates you from the rest in the park?

I truly believe that nothing is original any more, one can be creative but your inspiration always comes from something that has already been done before…so to answer you proposed question I would say I have not brought something new to the table I have simply brought a different element fused with my love for eclectic music, my culture, my AFRICA, my Malawi and my take on the world as a young african woman that has enabled me to create a sound that I can be recognized for.

Powerful words from an African lady, Let’s talk about your style, how did it come to be?

My style of music found me..I did not come up with it! Once I embraced who I was as a young african woman and loved every bit of my heritage only then did I truly understand that every word andevery note must always be unconventionally true and straight from the heart. My style of singing is unconventional, it is who I am… unconventional.

You have such a great sence of self belief and personal appreciation, something I love really. Do you feel that your music has evolved over the 13 year period?

The evolution of my style has always coincided with my personal growth…over the years my vocals and my content has matured! The stage I am at now is just another step towards my next project, my next song and a new vocal key!!

I love doing a quick check, right now,  what embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player? 

Probably, Venga boys ‘Boom Boom’ dont judge me! *shamefully hides in corner*

No comment, of course I won’t judge. Is there a genre of music that you can’t stand to listen to? 

I appreciate all types of music!

What can you say about the current situation of the malawian music scene?

Well personally, I think the Malawian industry has a very long way to go! There are numerous hinderances that disable the growth of the music industry like, the lack of governmental support, education in the music business, correct governing bodies and societies that wish to further the endeavors of creative persons this list gooooooeees on an on! Im often frustrated and saddened with the lack of support  because I know Malawian creatives are so talented they just need the right macro environment in which they can busk in the sun and reap the the harvest of the seeds they have sown into the world creatively! It simple the creative arts  are part of our culture the lack of support is crippling our creative heritage!

Do you believe the entertainment scene is surrounded by dark forces like a lot of articles suggest?

Well, to be honest I have never been a fan of conspiracy theories! However, I do believe that dark forces are in every thing thats why Good forces will always be there to rectify and eradicate the dark!! The heavenly forces will always prevail over the dark!!!!!!!

Can you collaborate with artists from different genres as yours? If so, who would you like to work with?

I think at the end of the day music will always be music regardless of genres….but I would absolutely love to have been in the studio with the following:

  • Brenda fassie
  • Blayze
  • AKA
  • Moeazy
  • Rina
  • Fuse
  • Common
  • Gotye
  • Sauti Sol

Quite a collection, we hope to listen to any of the collaborations in future. Which performance has been the most memorable to you?

Hmmm, City of Stars was amazing….for the first time I actually did a routine with my dancers on stage! hahaha it was a nightmare learning those steps!

Bet that was fun nevertheless. Music aside, what hidden talents do you have?

Lol  I do a lot…I paint, I design jewelry,I am a hair dresser, a trained stylist,

I also serve as a board of director for an organization called  the Malawian Womens Association (MAWA) (I am very passionate about women empowerment) I enjoy producing/directing music videos and updating my research paper based on my take on the Malawian music industry!

You are honestly a busy lady. We are so proud of all these you are involved in. Now to matters of the heart, would you date a fellow celebrity?

I probably would…there is one particular  Malawian celebrity I would date BUT iam not disclosing who it is…*winks*

Hahaha, you should open up and let a brother know how you feel though. Anyway which country in Africa do you think has the hottest ladies?       

We are all brothers and sister cut from the same cloth…..with out being bias ‘AFRICA’ has the hottest everything!!

Where is your favorite chill spot in Africa Hazel?

It would have to be my home away from home….Red Zebra in Salima, Malawi! Its probaly the only place in the world apart from my mamas arms that I am the happiest…I dont know why it makes me happy BUT it does! If you ever visit Lake Malawi spend a day at Red Zebra and watch the sun set with your loved ones, you wont regret it!

Wow, we must make a point of visiting there. Can you make a single wish for Africa. 

That we wake up and regain our rightful places as KINGS AND QUEENS!

You are a very empowering lady, what do you think can help unite Africa?

By realizing that we have everything we need to survive! We need to free ourselves from the shackles of ignorance that have enslaved us to poverty! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, it is  the key PRESERVING what is left of Africa!

How I  wish we get more African women like you, with passion and ambition to change our beloved motherland positively. At the end of this all, what will make you feel contented?

To have made a significant difference to my country and community so that when I die I go knowing I have left a legacy!

It shall come to be Hazel, you are a focused lady with great ambitions and we can’t wait to celebrate your success.

Twitter : @hazelmakmusic

Facebook : Hazel Mak Music


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