Monstar Mondays – Mcpotar [Zimbabwe]

When we say Africa is a talent minefield, you can think that we are getting too boisterous, but you know what, we have a right to, because we can back it up!! The amazing artists from the motherland are always up to task to illustrate this. There is always something unique about each and every single musician, that’s what makes it even better. In addition to all the amazing artists you have witnessed around Africa, I present to you Mcpotar, straight from Zimbabwe.

There is something really amazing about someone who has a deep passion for art. The most beautiful thing ever created, apart from the ladies that is, is surely ART. Mcpotar lives, dreams and breathes art in all it’s forms. You just need to check out samples of his animated work to recognize that the guy has ambition. It’s actually unique since we don’t have many people delving into animation in the hip hop / poetry world. Apart from the conscious raps, he is a spoken word artist as well. As a matter of fact, let me just let y’all see for yourselves the type of art he does.

And here is a short piece dedicated to our motherland, Beautiful Africa. Ooh we love the motherland. Big up Mcpotar.

Twitter : @Mcpotar

Website : Mcpotar

Facebook : Mcpotar


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