A – interviews – It’s Kavuela [Kenya]

1441286_563544730383496_1777598418_nI love good music, that’s no doubt evident from the way go. So when I came across a group of talented artist back in Kenya, making and sharing that good good with the public, I was instantly drawn to their art. ID37 is a collection of youthful artists, mostly in campus, who have made it their sole role to uplift the Kenyan hip hop and urban rap scene. After hearing from their point man Shukid, it’s only fit to get to know all the members take on the music industry. Here is part two of the #knowID37 sequel, introducing Kavuela alias Kaveks!


Welcome to AAA, first things first, who and where are you from?

My name is Edwin Mageto, but most people who know me call me Kaveks, or Kavuela. I’m originally From Juja town but I’ve spent most of my life in East of Nairobi in a place called Kasarani.


Think I’ll go with Kaveks, strange how you’ve been able to dodge our radar. Have you been in the game for long?

I’ve been in the industry for around two and a half years, but I was writing verses long before I had access to a mic.

Glad we finally got hold of you. How did you end up in this industry Kaveeks?

I’m one of those cats that just do music for anyone and everyone. What I mean is, I just made music, and from that music I met other cats in music with whom we did a couple more tracks, next thing you know I was in but I wouldn’t call myself a Mainstream artist, I’m still digging my way out of the trenches.

You are surely heading there; I love to ask this, do you play any instruments?

Not really no, but my younger brother is giving me a few lessons on the guitar, apart from that no.


B.O.B should better watch out for you lol. People crave something new, in a pool of other artists; do you feel you have NEW?

Everyone is different you know? But I’d say I am a product of my environment and so what I bring to the table is mostly what my life has been like so far in the East of Nairobi. I’d say I can make you something you can dance to but at the same time tap into your conscience and leave a couple lines in there just to mess with ya. I live/breathe honesty and I feel like that really is what makes me and my team back in ID37 has a lot of chemistry. Kenya needs change at so many levels so ours is a quest to redefine hip hop in our own way, so the question now is will Kenya embrace us before Africa does? Because one way or another ID37 is going to make a lot of heads turn.


My sentiments exactly, seems like you guys have all this on a blueprint, which is great to know. That aside, everyone has a style, how did yours come to be?

With a lot of practice mostly. Inspiration from various sources but UKOO FLANI is one of those groups that really did it for me; they gave me tunnel vision when it came to rhyming.

Two and a half years down the lane, can you say that your music has evolved?

Yes. Mostly because I began spitting in Swahili but I felt like there was a particular mass of people I wasn’t really getting to so I decided to mix it up with some English. So, what I have now can be appreciated by different people everywhere.

Straight forward, what embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?

Haha you sure do know how to put people on the spot. Well I listen to a lot but what most of my people back at ID37 don’t know is that I listen to a lot of Amy Winehouse and Afro jazz, not that I’m  embarrassed by that though. Lol


That’s actually a rich collection, so yeah, no point being embarrassed. Is there a genre of music that you can’t put up with?

I can’t stand Rock or Dancehall.

How do you view the game right now, especially the scene back in Kenya?

I feel like since there are so many new possibilities, so many spots to be filled. I feel like many artists have not tapped into everything that’s available. Back in the day we used to have Kapuka and Genge and that was it. Now people have listened to a lot of music from international sources and I think they are ready for change. Plus Kenya is a cosmopolitan country with people from so many different countries and places. All we have to do now is entertain them while they are here, of course we have to keep our cultural flame burning (It would be a shame if we lost that) but also we can mix our different cultures and come up with something new. So I feel like the game is dynamic right now it can change and follow any direction but artists have to put in work and appeal to people beyond our borders.


I personally love artists who are open to experimenting, there are too much out there to fix your head in a box. Can you contribute to this whole talk about the industry and its association with dark forces?

Lol. Now that to me is a joke. I feel like the Media can be misleading sometimes. That’s all I have to say


Okay, but what do you think actually determines who gets the top spot in the currently crowded industry?

The people of course! Without the people we wouldn’t have people trying to entertain them so to me the people are the judges of that.

Let’s shift from that, do you see yourself collaborating with other artists, of the same or even different genres?

Yeah I want to do that, mainly because it would make me grow even more, maybe even make me tap into something deep within. Plus I like to experiment, even when I’m making beats on my pc they are not all what you’d consider to be hip hop so yeah I want to tap into different genres. As far as working with other people goes, I would like to work with Cr3w Teflon, Miss Karun, Abbas, Kayvo K-force, Juliani, Bamboo…The list is quite long plus anyone who wants to work with me I’m down.


Very talented lot of acts you just mentioned, we pray your dreams get to fruition. Music aside, what hidden talents do Kaveks posses?

I’m a very good cook, lol… plus I can play soccer and basketball (I started that recently)

Some lady just marked that bruh, which reminds me, would you date a fellow celebrity?

Of course but she’d really have to be down to earth like I am. Other than that I don’t think I have any objections when it comes to females as long as there is some chemistry we can make it work.


I see you love them humble, ahaha. All over Africa, which country has the shawties that can make a brother forget a line off his rhyme?

I think some Kenyan ladies I’ve seen out here really have that “it” factor, them ladies is FINE!!

We got to check them Kenyan ladies out too lol. So where would you retreat to with one of them shawties for a holiday across Africa?

I feel like Africa has a lot of nice places not yet known to me so any new place that has nice weather, good food would be just fine by me.

Here at AAA, we are all about our beloved motherland, what do you think can help unite Africa?

Our cultural differences ironically. I feel like if we show each other what makes us who we are, we might have a chance in getting to know each other better. Other than that I think the possibilities are infinite.

Thank you, we appreciate every single contribution of idea. You have so much wisdom within you Kavuela, we would really love to know what will be your ultimate goal at the end of this career?

I want to change someone’s life even if it’s one individual. Even if I’ll be a legend in one person’s eye that is enough for me.

That was a pleasure, you have our blessings in all you and the ID37 family partakes in. It’s only rightful that you end this with a shout out…

First thanks to God for this amazing opportunity. Shout out to you AAA guys for giving me this opportunity. Shout out to all the ninjaz back in Kenya, ID37 (GnX, Shukid, Faraqumin). Double G’s till infinity. Shout out to my fam, and last but not least shout out to all my fans out there.

Twitter : @Kaveks

Facebook: Kavuela Mc

Music : ReverbNation


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