T.I.A. Tuesdays – Meta4riq Skillz [Zambia]

Here is a Crazy one from Zambian act Meta4riq Skillz. Making his debut on the AAA via T.I.A Tuesdays, I feel he has a hit record right here due to the creativity he has used to craft the hook to this jam. The concept is simple, fun and thrilling. Definitely something for the masses and it sticks to ones’ head too. When I bumped on it, I knew right away that I ‘d love to share it with y’all. The verses are very serious, believe me when I say the cat CAN rap, and by ‘can’ I mean real well.

For you to have Skills in your name, then you must be able to measure up to it. Meta4riq clearly has skills and he has portrayed that with this single. Watch and believe.  Just three words for him, ” Amu Kanti Beliveti!!!!”

Twitter : @Meta4riqskillz

Facebook : Meta4riq Skillz


7 thoughts on “T.I.A. Tuesdays – Meta4riq Skillz [Zambia]

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