All around the A – One Destiny [Mozambique]

Français ou en anglais, comment allons-nous à ce sujet? Eh bien, la musique n’a pas de barrière de la langue! Whenever I come across a dread-locked person, my sisters image flashes across my mind. She is a staunch and proud Rastafari. Don’t even dare challenge her because she will support her decision using all the knowledge she has. If you want 6to piss her off real quick, then just bad mouth rastafarism, but be warned, you won’t like the outcome. Anyway, there is this statement that ‘all terrorists are Muslims, but not all Muslims are terrorists’. I wonder if the same can be said about rastarians, like for example; all Rastafarians  are dread-locked, but not all dread locked people are Rastafarian. Does it apply? You tell me…..

Of late I have come to love Mozambique as I consider it to be a talent minefield, when we talk about African music. There seems to be just so much going on on the Moz’ music scene. I barely know much about it so many a times I rely on good will ambassadors to show me one or two things concerning the industry down there. Hospitality being one of the many qualities of Africans, I always get my way around the A with ease. This time round, I was lucky to have DJP to offer his assistance and introduce me to the awesomeness that is One Direction. Initially when I bumped on their music on YouTube, I actually thought it was one person. Their resemblance is not even questionable so I won’t rule out the idea that they might be brothers. The dynamic duo of Mike Petite and Bleck Lindor make a perfect combo of talent and a blend of vocals, creating some of the best music you will hear out of the motherland.

The first song I heard by them was Ki Mo Ete which I don’t understand it’s meaning, but my Nigerian background tells me that it may may mean being sprung by a lady, my guess. With a heavy reggae baseline and soulful piano keys, Mike Petite’s vocals accompanies the laid back instrumentation in a soothing way. Bleck Lindor takes it a notch higher with his husky voice in short chanty verse which perfects it. One Destiny kind of reminds me of East African duo of Radio and Weasel from Uganda but with a bit more content and emotions in their music. Plus their sound is chilled out too.

The best of One Destiny is however witnessed in Mon Existence, a beautifully done ballad that can make for a perfect wedding or engagement theme song. I don’t want to talk about the song itself, it is a masterpiece that should just be appreciated as opposed to criticized! It has a jazz feel inform of a trumpet that is worth noting though. Plus I feel the jam is heavily zouk, which happens to be one of my favorite genres of music the world over.  What i want to talk about though is the video. Boy,  I have never seen so many beautiful ladies in one place, just gyrating their hips rhythmically!  That is the epitome of beauty if you ask me. From the ladies to the scenery, to the the costume to everything. I am awed with this video, may God bless Africa, especially her women. I think the idea of getting married finally hit me, I don’t mind though as long as One Destiny will come and serenade the ladies at my wedding, it’s all good.

 L’Afrique est l’amour et si vous me sentez à ce sujet, puis il suffit de jouer Lun Existence et regardez l’amour de prendre sur vous. From Nairobi, we say ni mapenzi tele 😀

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