Wild Wednesdays – Join Rajae [Morocco]

If there is one lady I can never tire of writing about, it’s our beloved sister Rajae. She has solely put African women, especially the Muslim community on the global entertainment map, a radar that is predominantly challenging to her religious background. We don’t need to delve into the principalities of the what is deemed as the correct image in the music industry for us to honour Rajae’s determination. She is our success story and Africa will always be proud of her.

We had already informed y’all that the diamond of Africa was going to present the motherland at the Ted x talk show that was held in Breda. Watch her moving and inspiring talk below.

Well, her dreams and ambitions did not just end there. On Thursday the 7th, Rajae introduced her unique crowd funding project to help raise both musical and cultural awareness in a sustainable manner: ‘A chance for a Change; from Morocco to the world. With the proceeds of the crowd funding campaign, Rajae hopes to be able to record her third album and shoot several video’s. But the goals won’t stop there. Everybody who participates will get something in return. Rajae’s merchandise will be sustainably produced in Morocco by a group of women who earn a decent living by producing artisan products and their children receive the support to go to school.

With this project Rajae is taking the next steps in fulfilling her lifelong dream of creating an audience for her music. The soulful Maghreb-Soul/Jazz sound that is so close to her heart. She believes that a crowd funding project is a great tool to create a movement in which every lover of music and culture can participate. And with its proceeds she will not only fund her recordings. Participants will also be able to download her music or receive cool and fashionable merchandise which is produced in Morocco. Rajae has pledged to only buys from factories that not only offer their workers good labor conditions, but also give their children a chance to go to school and live a better life. That is where the campaign pay off comes from: A chance for a Change; from Morocco to the world. Join the movement and help this inspiring artist to fulfill her dream and make the world a little bit of a better place.

Africa, we can’t afford to fail our own when she needs us the most. Join the movement here

Facebook : Rajae

Twitter : @rajae

Website : Rajae


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