A – interviews – Meta4riq Skillz [Zambia]

He made his debut on AAA with a bang after dropping the most captivating joint, Amu Kanti Beliveti. Well, it was only fair that we get hold of Meta4riq so that Africa can get to know him better. Nothing makes us elated like seeing African youth getting positively productive. Apart from possessing skills on the mic, this Zambian brother is very intellectual. Read on.

Meta4rik Skillz, Africa would love to know you more. Mind shading some light?

My government names are Francis Fastone Sakala. Born and bred in Zambia, in the deep warm capital, Lusaka.

From some online information, it seems that you’ve been in the game for a while, right?

I have been in the game for over 5 and a half years.

I thought it was hearsay, What made you get into the industry really?

Basically, what drove me into the industry is the undying love for music; I have always had such a great passion singing, since childhood. I first started singing in a church choir, that’s where my interest for music actually came to life.

Is there an instrument you play?

Not really, but… I am getting some Piano lessons…and hopefully by next year, I should be able to play.

There is crazy competition right now, what will give you an edge above the rest in this crowded industry?

Yah, the competition is really heating up and uhh… The only weapons I have to beat my way to the top is my skill, true African originality and style. And I don’t just rap, but I sing as well.

Glad to know you sing too, so how did you come up with your style?

My style was basically drawn from the combination of old-school Zambian musical vibe or genre ”Kalindula” and the modern African American rap.
I listened a lot to our Zambian local bands like ‘The Glorious band and PK Chishala.’

That explains a lot more so your authenticity. Do you feel you’ve grown musically?

Well, from the time I began doing music, I think I have really grown to understand music better, and my levels of thinking, lyrically, have really matured! Every project I work on is highly influenced by my will to do better.
I’m still inspired by the artists I listened to when I first started as a teenager, but of course my horizons have broadened and I’ve listened to so much more good music since then.
I’ve always thrived on intensity, so I am now beginning to see progress in that direction.

We definitely see the progress. I f we did a quick check, what embarrassing songs might be on your MP3 player?

Hehe uhhm…well the most embarrassing songs I have are mostly those I did when I first started recording. For lack of a better term, I feel they are rather ‘childish’ both lyrics and the audio mastering itself and I usually get uncomfortable playing them in the midst of people, even though they don’t really get to notice or say anything about that.

Hahaa, but it’s only logical, everyone starts somewhere man. Is there a genre of music you can’t stand listening to?

I am generally a fan of almost all music genres but I can’t stand listening to Techno and Hard rock! That just almost leads me into frantic psycho rash, I would kill a man! Lol…
You can play me anything else but that, it just drives me insane!!

 Let’s talk about Zambia, how is the scene over there right now?

Zambia has some awesome, mad talent; it’s a jungle where the lazy die and the strong survive…
Music is really tough in Zambia; the competition is just too intense for lazy cats!
It’s really hard making a name for yourself in the game if you don’t have the spirit of making things happen yourself. It’s a place where your record label doesn’t really do much for you, so it’s simply up to you, the artiste to push yourself to fame and glory.
Nevertheless, the Zambian music industry is gradually coming up, and very soon it will get recognition throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

Starting right here at AAA, we really appreciate Zed Beats! Are there talks of the entertainment industry being surrounded by dark forces in Zambia too?

I personally don’t put much thought to such stuff. I am a man who believes in hard work and I wouldn’t go on saying that all the artistes making a name in Africa are Illuminati. Just like Sarkodie quotes it in his illuminati video; “Do not judge a man negatively because of his success, we all have 24hrs in a day”. So that just lays it all down for me.

Well put, but what do you consider determines who gets to the top?

All you need to get to the top is hard work, determination, focus and a great spirit of never backing down, no matter how hard it gets!
There’s just no ‘Magical route’ to success but hard work.

Would you collaborate with other artists around Africa, within or without your preferred music genre?

I strongly feel it’s an awesome idea for artistes from different walks of life, Africa to be specific working together.
Every country in Africa possess amazing culture which should be shared and appreciated, so regardless of genre or country, we should come together and share that Natural African love and bring serenity to our motherland.

I have worked with some artiste from Zimbabwe like Sinbad9’0 of DollaSignMusic and the experience was awesome even though we all used different languages.
I would really love to work with Artistes like Da Les & Bongani Fassie from SA, Dream Ville and Camp Mulla from Kenya and other artistes from the rest of Africa.

Our school of thought exactly, will pass a word over to Dr3am Ville when I meet them for sure. . Moving on, which performance has been most memorable to you?

I don’t really have anything major about my performances that, I would term ”Memorable”, but yah, I have had some good moments on stages, especially at the ‘Siavonga Music festival’ right here in Zambia. It was the biggest crowd I have ever performed to.

I’m sure bigger ones are on the way. Music aside, do you posses any hidden talents?

I am a thinker, and I love mind games. I am a good player of board games like Chess and Scrabble.
I also play basketball and a bit of soccer.

You have the makings of a genius. Given a chance, would you date a fellow celebrity?

Well, it would be cool dating a fellow celebrity but I don’t think I would like that, I think it just wouldn’t work out because we would all be too busy with fame and wouldn’t really have enough time for our relationship.

I get your point. And which African country do you think has the hottest ladies?

African women are all the best; I love their curvy figures and the natural dark complexion… They are all generally beautiful but to answer that question appropriately, I would say Nigeria has the hottest ladies on the planet, period!!

Straight like that and Nigerian Hotties will be all up in your inbox  and dm, hahaa. Anyway where would you love to spend some quality time with your Nigerian squeeze then?

I love the wavy sound that moving water from an ocean makes… I would like to imagine myself sitting on a beautiful beach watching the water splash back and forth and enjoying that soothing feeling of fresh air. I would like to be at the coastal lines of Cape Town, South Africa.

From Nigeria to S. Africa, that lady will be one lucky person. Has a fan ever busted you in a crazy situation?

No I have never been busted by any fan. I am so secretive; I don’t do weird stuff in public.

I guess we’ll need to expand big brothers eyes lol. What is your single wish for Africa?

I wish that the rest of the world would recognize Africa and not have all the negative thoughts about it, I wish Africa prosperity!

Amen, so what can help unite Africa?

Africa will only be united if all the people share a common feeling, which is Love and respect for every human being alive.

We pray for that. Tell us 4riq, what will make you content at the end of your musical journey?

At the end of my career, I would like to leave an unforgettable history of my journey through music and a generally equal recognition and appreciation of music in Africa, regardless of genre or racial difference!!

May that come to be. It was fun and honorary talking to you. God bless Zambia and more so your dreams. Let’s end this with a shout out…

I would like to give a huge shout out to Big thanks to Dream ville, My Producer, Isaac Pro and my record label – Base Barracks Studioz, My brother from another mother 4matic Jones, Yung Tunafish, Yung Yung The Tonga bull, Slim The hit maker, Solidizzy and everybody else supporting my music!

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