All around the A – Malian Money [Mali]

Honestly, I love it when African urban youths get together for the sake of positivity. Y’all know that  one of the major factors affecting our continent is negative influence among our youth. Apparently, in the streets of Bamako, a group of talented youths are busy working around the clock to churn out great music. Okay, for those who are in the dark, Mali is one of the countries that stood out for their  rich culture of music.  Word has it that music was the  main export from the North African state. When you talk Malian music, names of legends like Salif Keita should  quickly come to mind. Gao was known the world over.

However, there is a new breed of youngsters, so determined to bring back the lost glory. Malian Money is group of three rappers and singers hailing from Mali, that make urban type of music. They have an array  of singles on their reverbnation page just in case you are quick to doubt their capability. The fusion of African instruments like flutes with the urban Hip hop  beats makes their music likeable even to foreign ears. They have great melody too. Production wise, I feel it’s above par compared to most of the music we have out here. The group is diverse in the sense that their music incorporates different styles of beats. Some laid back, others danceable. They can rap real well too, I especially love the flow and delivery employed in their track Malian Diarabi. They also throw in a few English phrases here and there. The guy doing  the hooks surely knows his job well.

This is one group that you should really look forward to as I am sure they are headed to the top. Their single Magnambougou is really infectious. The chorus is very catchy and a perfect singalong. What I don’t understand though is why they keep mention YMCB and other American record labels in their jams. Whether it’s a marketing strategy, I can’t honestly tell. But the music sure will get you dancing, especially the end bit. Watch below

Facebook : Malian Money

Music : ReverbNation


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