Monstar Mondays : Mishu – What If.

Mishu is one of the most determined individuals out there, and I’ll never be afraid to confess that. Watching her grow musically makes me very proud coz I believed in her from day one despite many people thinking otherwise. From being just another rapper in the group, the Dr3am Ville first lady has surely evolved in to a great singer with powerful vocals who can command her own. She is a perfect example of what self belief and persistence can can lead to.

Over the weekend, we watched her perform with a live band at the Afro Art festival and that was a moment we really cherished. Here is her latest single titled What If, an R&B/Soul fusion, something laid back and soulful done on heavy guitar and piano synths. What I never understand though is why all these teenagers  always sing about heartbreaks like they have been in love for a decade. I mean, shouldn’t  love be left to the people who actually know what relationship is all about? Anyway, my opinion, but we can always argue that it’s  all about creativity in most cases, and I hope in this one too 😀 Love matters aside, enjoy this beautiful composition by Mishu, it might just make you call your ex though…

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5 thoughts on “Monstar Mondays : Mishu – What If.

  1. Oooh this lady is dangerous….
    Dreamville has great talents……
    And this track deserves all tha juice…
    Much respect to you Mishu….. Buh “What if” we did a song together, Dreamville n myself…am sure it would be awesome!! 😀
    And great music should really be appreciated!!
    *Salute* Mishu

    • Thanks bredren, that means a lot. We love collaborating, we just put it on hold a lil bit to focus on our Album, buh when it’s done, we’ll hit you up. Never been a problem working with like minded artist.

      • U workin on an album? Wow that’s awesome!… Okay brah, jus do ya thing n make tha album a great success!!….
        We will work together in good time!!

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