All around the A – Amen Phi$ [Mauritania]

Bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim. I never get to know the difference between Mauritania and Mauritius but my conscious tells me that one is an Island while the other is inland. A quick check at my history archives reveals quite a lot of information about Mauritania, which is our source of interest today. The West African country, bordered by Mali, Western Sahara, Algeria and Senegal has a rich historical background and is actually an Islamic Republic, Alhamdulillahi !! Whatever defines a culture of a society is majorly music, unfortunately, not much can be said about Mauritians musical background. Being an Arabic speaking, I expected to find a rich musical offering in form of Andalusian classical music, Chaabi, Al Jeel, Gnawa, Haqibah, Malhun, Mezwed and Raï.

Nothing was forthcoming  music-wise and   didn’t have a contact person to guide me in Mauritanian entertainment scene. Well, I was not going to give up on finding some cool music that I could share with y’all so you can imagine my joy when I bumped into the sounds of Amen phis  😀 He is a young artists who is very enthusiastic about music, more so the topics he sings about relates to the everyday life of a regular African youth. The first single is titled Maman and as much as I don’t understand the main theme, it seems like the song is talking about a  love for Mama, albeit on her absence. It’s quite emotional and Amen put his whole  heart to it. In fact, as you will see later, he practically breathes life to all his tracks.

The next track from Amen Phi$ is Afrika!! Now that single just landed him straight to my good books. Anything for the motherland makes me so proud. Any artist who puts our beloved motherland  in to consideration automatically qualifies to have my time, and ears. Afrika is a great patriotic jam exploring the beauty of our motherland. Something every artist should  do once in their career. My favorite single however is La Fête a smash hip hop hit. Believe me when I say it is. The chorus is awesome and the French bars just makes it even more catchy.

The thing I love most about Amen Phi$ is his ability to fuse different languages in his music; talk French and English. I don’t know where he has been raised but the language switch works to his  advantage. He makes rapping in French so cool, especially   in La Fête, which can easily get you singing along albeit without understanding  the meaning of the lyrics. I know Africa loves great music, so here is one of the  best lyricists from the West side, Amen Phi$. As’salaam Wa’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.

Facebook : Amen Phi$


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