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The Kenyan Urban Music scene is growing and expanding at a Ferrari speed. What is worth noting is the increase in the number of young artist who are not shy to shoot straight to the crown. Their older counterparts may try as much as they wanna to shield them off by the revolution has finally arrived. One such artist who is quickly climbing to the top is Kibz aka A-rap Kibz. Now from my Teso background, I understand Arap means son of. Well, here is the son of RAP.

Kibz or A-Rap Kibz, will you tell Africa who and where you are from please? 

I am Edward Kibet Kipsanai, people call me ”Kibz” or ”A-Rap Kibz”. Let’s just say I prefer Kibz. I hail from South B, Nairobi where I have been living for 19 years…and yes, I am 19.

Quite young, let me ask you how long you’ve been in the music industry?

I’ve been in the music industry since last year (2012) but I had to take a break because of my K.C.S.E exams, although I started writing and recording music at the age of 15. I could say that my ”Breakthrough” is finally here.

Here at AAA? Hahaa, anyway why did you join this industry?

Well I have loved music since I was a little child. my neighbours used to play me a lot of Notorious B.I.G and E-Sir music and I really wanted to be like him. Also, in primary school I used to collect a lot of music and play for people during our closing days. When I recorded my first jam, I received a lot of positive feedback and that really encouraged me to carry on.

 That was a positive start, is there any instrument that you play?

Well, yeah, I’ve been playing the piano for about a year now.

The first rap artist to actually say that. Kudos! So can you say that you have NEW?

I cannot say that I have brought anything new, but I can tell you that what I am doing is 100% me , together with the other producers and artists I’ve been working with, we are trying to develop a new sound that the Kenyan Industry hasn’t experienced yet.

Keeping it real, that’s the best one can ever do. So how did your style come up?

Well, I could say that it’s a mixture of a lot of styles since each song has different flow. I’ve blended a lot of Rakim, Notorious B.I.G and Kanye West, together with a bit of poetry that I have been studying for a while. So you could say I will blend some Hip Hop with some Soul.

That’s a rich combination. Go you feel your music has evolved since you started out at 15?

Yes, I do believe and even my supporters know that I am not the same ”Lil Kibz” I used to be. I made a lot of changes to the way I deliver my words through a lot of practice and I can say that I am proud of myself , that actually , I AM MY FAVORITE RAPPER now.

I love the confidence you have in yourself; do you have any genre that you can’t withstand?

 I honestly can’t stand House music and Rock. It just isn’t me.

Let’s talk about the industry back in Kenya, how is the game right now?

The industry is growing massively in Kenya and I feel my type of music will be appreciated.

 There are talks everywhere about the industry being involved in dark forces, what’s the story like in Kenya?

Hahahahaha, naaah!! I don’t believe in that stuff.

Well, what determines who gets to the top?

Well being you is always the best way but together with a lot of fans and great commitment, you can get to the top.

What about collaborating with artists of different genres, would you do that? 

It’s quite interesting; I like that sort of stuff where people blend genres to make great music. Currently, I want to work with a few local cats such as Wangechi, Khali, Rabbit and Wahu. Also, Sarkodie and M.I.

Have you done any performances so far and which one did stand out for you?

Hahaha, I remember when I had this battle with a schoolmate of mine and the turn up was so huge and I did not disappoint.

Music aside, what hidden talents do you have? 

I am very good at football and swimming. Also, when it comes to playing FIFA, I can say I am one of the best.

A FIFA challenge will surely be coming your way. Would you date a fellow celebrity?

Yes yes yes yes, wouldn’t mind dating Anita Nderu. Her character is amazing.

Hope she gets to read this. Around Africa, which is that country that is blessed with the hottest ladies?

But of course Kenya! You don’t see beautiful ladies (physically and mentally) like the ones we’ve got here.

Straight like that. And where would you take them Kenyan ladies to chill?

Seychelles Quite amazing.

Have you ever been busted by a fan while doing crazy stuff?

Yes, when I went to a certain club in slippers, a boxer and a vest dancing awkwardly. The girl never seemed to let go of the story until now.

And hopefully Anita will read this too hahaa. Moving on, make a single wish for Africa.

I wish for Africa to unite and be one.

Thank you!  That’s what we all about here at AAA. So what do you think can help unite Africa?

Music unites people so it can unite the continent.

We can’t tell you how much we are hoping for that. You are still very young Kibz, what is your ambition at the end of your career? 

I want to prove to the people younger than me that anything is possible, because no one would ever think that I would be an artist.

It’s been a pleasure hosting you. We look forward to witnessing tremendous growth of your artistry. End this with a shout out.

Shout out to my family, my fans and my foes and mostly, my competition.

Follow : @A_RapKibz

Facebook : A-Rap Kibz

Music : SoundCloud


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