All around the A – Atlas [Burkina Faso]

P / s : Cet article était censé être en français, mais je reçois genre mon droit français en état d’ivresse. Désolé!

So I woke up from my Amarula induced stupor to find 155 emails in my inbox, all concerning our blog. Well, honestly, we appreciate every single support because that’s what Africa needs. Keep supporting our great artist in whichever way you can. Lately I have been listening to more and more French rap. Let me tell you all a quick secret, if you want to lose yourself in the realm of magical imaginations and just let your spirit wander freely without any stress, then listen to music sang in a foreign language. Its even better if the sound is strange too, like something you have never listened to because the stranger the better. In search of something new around the Africa, I landed in the beautiful land of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Now my atlas shows me that I am somewhere  to the South East of Mali, North East of Niger, North West of Benin, North of Togo and Ghana and North East of Ivory Coast! I am so good in geography, my teacher would be very proud if only he can see this!!

Talking about atlases, I am made to understand that here in Burkina Faso, it is more than just a guide book for directions. It actually refers to one of the best artists on this great West African land!! Atlas is an artist from Burkina Faso who is doing all he can to put his Country on the African musical map. He does urban rap in French and since Hip Hop is the universal genre of music, he sure holds his own when it comes to the music scene in Burkina Faso. Starting music at a young age, the guy has grown to be one of the best rappers coming out of West Africa. He was actually a member of a rap group which disintegrated as the other guys chose to pursue different career paths, but Atlas held on to his dream and it is now paying off. The best thing you can ever do to yourself is to follow  your heart and chase your dreams, however challenging it maybe, you will be the happiest person at the end of it all.

Considering the fact that we don’t get to hear a lot of French raps, it is worth mention that his bars are pretty dope. When it comes to videos, they are clean as they can be, Full HD. That is actually one of the reasons why his music stands out. The type of clips that you can watch and replay and you still yearn to watch more. I feel that with the right support, Atlas can easily turn out to be one of the greatest artists around Africa. I honestly love the content of his music, very positive vibe. You see if there very will be something to unite the African people, then it will be music.

Ayez un beau jour mon peuple

Facebook : Atlas

Music : ReverbNation


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