All around the A – Bisso Na Bisso [Congo]

Let’s start this on Sarkozy note 😀 , that should mean we are France bound, right? After yesterday’s Amarula-induced stupor that left me fighting to regain my mastery of French, I had to make a tough choice. And no, saying goodbye to Amarula was not an option (it will never be anyway). A friend of mine advised me to speak and listen to French more. Not a bad prescription after all. That led me to the task of updating my playlist with more french music hence the need to find more African francophone artists. There are quite a number of francophone artists as I came to realize, as a matter of fact, there are so many great artists who use french fluently in there music. It didn’t take me long, but I must add that it was largely by sheer luck that I bumped into the best rap group out of Brazzaville, Congo. Bisso Na Bisso is just THAT band you wanna listen to all day and tomorrow 😀

From the catchy name to the awesome music, this musical collective of seven; six gentlemen and one amazing lady, have all the makings of a super group.  Made up of Passi , Lino, Calbo, Mystik, Arsenik , 2 Bal ‘ M’ Passi Mel Groove and Ben -J of Neg ‘ Marrons, Bisso Na Bisso are the best musical export out of the motherland. Originally from Congo in the central part of Africa, they have since relocated to France where they continue to serenade the world with their African influenced raps. The group fuses their motherland tunes like rumba, zouk , soukous with the  modern day rap to create a catchy, diverse, unique and absolutely authentic music. In pursuit of our dreams, we can go anywhere on this planet really searching for ways to make it a reality. What determines who becomes great is the ability to remember where you came from. If you know your roots, then you are half way to become successful. That is one of the most outstanding element of Bisso Na Bisso, they have never forgotten about their motherland.

Listening to their music, you can’t help but be left in awe at how easily they blend their vocals on a single song. Whats even more amazing is the way they utilize the powerful and sweet voice of their only female member. It comes when you least suspect and leaves you dieing for more, blissful! Another thing that stands out in their music is how much they are in love with their name. Bisso Na Bisso is basically in every lyrics of their music. At some point, they actually use it as a hook! If that aint branding, then you tell me what is. The secret to stand out from the crowd to be experimental and come up with something out of the norm. That seems to be what this group is capitalizing on.  Believe me you, nothing sounds great like a fusion of zouk, soukus, rumba and hip hop rap. It’s refreshing to say the least.

This has seen them work with other great African artists like Manu Dibango ( Cameroon ), Hope 2000 ( Côte d’ Ivoire), Cheb Houcine (Algeria ), Zola ( South Africa), Cheb Akil ( Algeria ), Queen Etémé ( Cameroon ),  Les Nubians ( Cameroon ), Mayra Andrade ( Cape Verde), Angelique Kidjo (Benin), Ismael Lo ( Senegal ) and Meiway ( Ivory Coast) as well as Sizzla (Jamaica) , Jerome Prister (USA) and Jacob Desvarieux ( France Antilles). They even have a song dedicated to mother Africa so that explains why I’m so in love with this group. Anyway, my favorite jams are Show ce soir and La Bas. If you wanna listen to wonderful vocals for their first lady, then I’d advice you to listen to Tata Nzambe. Meanwhie, here is the runway hit, La Bas (the low) 😀

Follow: @bissonabisso

Facebook: Bisso Na Bisso

Music : ReverbNation


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