Thirsty Thursdays : Gospel of Jossy [Zambia]

 Music instigates different emotions within us, some make us feel like dancing, while others just get us engulfed in deep thoughts. They say lucky are those who are able to stir up feelings with their music. But even luckier are them that use their talent to praise their creator. Making music without a purpose is as useless as teaching keys and notes to an ululating Yoruba woman during Igbeyawo 😀 They say only few are chosen from all that are called and that’s why out of the many artists doing music worldwide, only a select few actually sin for the Lord. Among the chosen few is Jossy, a rapper from Livingstone area of  Zambia, Southern Africa. He is just starting up on this mission so there are not much music we can talk about really, but I believe we all started from somewhere, right?

Judging (though the good book proclaims that we should not judge) by the few singles he has so far, I can clearly see a bright future, both for him and the word of God is general. In this day and age when the youths are so obsessed with the things of this world, it is humbling to know that there are pure souls out there who still put God first in whatever they do. Out of all the possible genres of music, Jossy chose to use his talent to praise the Lord. That in itself is testament to the type of guy he is. I’m so glad that Africa still has God fearing youths, we do need a lot of them if we are to be wise. Remember the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Listen  to his debut track, God is Available and help the brother share the word of God. Have a blessed day Africa.

Music: ReverbNation

Twitter : @jossy_army



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