A – interviews : Murmur Yo [ Angola]

Olá linda África, aqui está mais um episódio de A-Entrevistas. Honestly, we never knew we could get to interview an Angolan artist, especially one doing Hip Hop considering Kuduro is the music mostly known from the South African country.  But you know everything is possible and, this is Africa. We had reviewed some Angolan Hip Hop over here earlier on and it was just right that we do a follow up with the artist so that we can know what really goes on down there. Angola is a Portuguese speaking nation but for the sake of a wider audience, we have done this in English. Read on.

 Welcome to AAA, tell Africa a little bit of yourself in nutshell.

Murmur-Yó is an Angolan MC, born and living in the City of Lobito in the south of Angola. I belong to the KAY B Crew and FAMILIA ETERNA, my major Family in the Rap.

Straight from Lobito, we are glad to have you here Yo, from what we gathered, you have been doing this for a while, can you attest to that?

Well, I have been in the Rap since 1996, when I was 12 or so. It all started with the imitation of my favorite MC’s at the time, I did not know much but I was improving with time till it turned me in to the MC I am today.

Why did you decide to join this industry, especially at such a tender age?

I always had an inclination to art, especially music… I grew up singing in church choirs and it became automatic as suddenly I was experimenting with the new rhythms and when I had contact with the first Rap music, the “marriage” was inevitable. Nowadays, I say that our “marriage” is eternal.

Starting out from church, that means you probably play some instruments, are we right?

I play a little piano and guitar, not as professional because I use more digital production.

 Okay, do you feel you have something that sets you apart from the other rappers in the pool?

Generally I try to do what I think is right for me and for the people who listen to me. The rappers have developed a very aggressive side and became the standard for most rappers. They pass a message that they are bad, scary and bandits, they conquer respect with that. I try to go the opposite in my songs, always emphasizing the importance of education and about knowledge for black people. I create my own concepts and I defend all that I talk and sometimes it portrays me as a geek or a nerd. LOL It’s what I talk in my music “Bolo & Leite” from my “Eu Tive Que Vir” mixtape, from 2011.

 Proud to hear that you encourage and promote positive themes in your music. What is in Murmur Yo’s mp3 player right now?

Nas, Projota, Mc K, Família Eterna, Reks, Ikonoklasta, Zaho and other Angolan rappers not so less important to me.

From your collection, you seem to be so much into rap. Can you listen to a different music genre?

Hahahaha, I never stopped to think about it. I think I can handle any kind of music, but of course my preference will always be rap, even in church. LOL

 What can you say about the game right now, how is the scene in Angola?

I think that rap is growing increasingly in numbers but not in quality. Unfortunately or fortunately I am very conservative but I accept the changes that are happening at the moment. I think there is much lack of originality these days and that’s not good. Here in Angola there are many fake copies of artists who have won their space and I look at it with great sadness.

 Well observed, what can you say about these talks of the industry being controlled by dark forces?

Anything is possible, but I prefer not to give much attention to these things. I am a Christian and have always been careful not to engage with issues of this nature, but I know there are many people involved in this world. I have always said that the right always mean right and wrong will always be wrong. It’s a good thing for us to achieve what is ours with sacrifice and talent, that is what I think.

So how do you think artists can be able to get to the top?

I’m not particularly worried about the top. My attention is touching the hearts of people and leaving a mark on them. Fortunately it is something that has happened, people identify with my music, I can please my friends and family, which for me is my first joy and the rest comes automatically. Oh yes, to get to the top; originality and above all, be yourself. This usually can help people to be at the top.

 Would Murmur Yo collaborate with other artists?

Now I want to internationalize my music. I have sung with Portuguese MC’s, Brazilian MC’s and would like to continue with this, with good MC’s all over the world.

Aside from music, what else are you good at?

I’m designer, video director, actor, teacher… I always like to improve my skills.

 Quite a collection, that’s impressive. Given a chance, would you date a celebrity?

Maybe, if I Love her. It’s very normal.

 So where in Africa do you think the hottest ladies are?

Cape Verde, I think…. I do not know heheheh. Someday I’ll be there.

Hahah, you must have eyed someone there. Where is the best chill spot for you by the way?

Like I said before, I really want to visit Cape Verde; I feel it is great over there.

 Can Murmur Yo be caught doing crazy stuff by the fans?

No… Hahahaha, I am very quiet and generally only open up to close friends.

I think it will take long to get to that day, hahaha

What us that you wish for Africa?

Prosperity for all Africans.

Do you see yourself retiring from rap, and what would make you feel the journey was successful?

The Rap is my life so I have no way to see the end of it or face it as a career. When the career is finished, that means I’ll be in the coffin. But I hope that God gives me a family of my own soon.

You are the most positive person we have ever interviewed, my your desires come to fruition. Whom do you want to give a shout out as we end this?

My chout out goes out to Bob Ló, Negro C., Prisão 17, Mc Duas, Lírico, 1001, Under P., Narrador Kanhanga, NT and all the MC’s from Benguela, Lobito and Baia-Farta. And thank you AAA for this interview.

Facebook : Ur-Yó Produções

Twitter : @murmur_yo


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