Monstar Mondays : M.Y.K. [Kenya]

I am awake at 3.17 a.m writing this post. Why, because I wanna ensure a brother lives his dream.  You see, just because I didn’t have someone who supported my dream doesn’t mean I shouldn’t support other people on their quest to reach theirs. Happiness is when you do what you love and life feels accomplished when you are happy. My mission is to ensure everyone that reaches out to me is happy in life. On other news, my nephew stole my bottle of Amarula, so I am NOT happy. Let’s get to matters music though, that’s why I’m here in the first place.

M.Y.K (michael ryan ) has been around for a while having started rapping at the age of fourteen. As part of the duo, Black Militia, they are doing great stuff. I love kids with ambition, that’s why we are talking about him now. Kenyan music needs to get to the level of Grammys and if they ever will get there, then we have to give the new generation a chance. Urban rap is the new classic and the likes of M.Y.K need to get heard, not because they are artists, but because they are dope, get it? From an artist who says his main influences are Kanye West and Jay Z, you must expect some awesomeness. But guess what, he doesn’t disappoint! Just to show you that the industry players believe in him, he has worked with or alongside the likes of Shukid, Kapella, Khaligraph Jones, Gnx ,Wakadinali, Labalaa,Raj, FINAL ROUND, A-rap Kibz. Listen to his recent release below.

Twitter : @mykryan

Facebook : M.Y.K


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