All around the A – Raiza Biza [Rwanda]

Hip Hop is back! Not that it ever left anyway, it just relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Auckland, New Zealand. And no, when I say Hip Hop, I’m not talking about Trinidad Jame$, A$ap Mobb or non of that bubble gum shit. I’m saying pure lyricism and dope bars!!! Did I hear you whisper Mobb Deep, Nas, the L.O.X or Inspektah Decks? Yeah you right, this is that real hip hop bruh. The sad fact is that most of you will not understand any of it since you are so much into Justin Beiber and the rest. No disrespecting anyone’s hustle, just starting there are levels to this shit,  Meek Mill excluded though. They say Hip Hop originated from Africa, well that can explain a lot why this guy does it with so much ease. Straight out of Rwanda in East Africa, welcome to the world of Raiza Biza.

Greatness is when you are able to transform your misfortunes into success, so they say. This Rwandan born MC has lived in  Zaire,  Zambia and  Jo-Burg before finally finding a “home” in New Zealand. The sad story of being an immigrant. Coming from such a background, many of us would have ended up dwindled and fading into oblivion. Not if you have a good head on your shoulder like Raiza. To him, this whole experience was just a journey to a brighter future that shaped him in to the MC he is today. All the things he has gone through just catapulted him into being one of the best storytellers in the game right now. Listening to Dream Something EP, especially the title track, you will get a first hand experience of all this I am starting here. I hate comparisons, so I wont tell you he sounds like blah blah blah, but the truth is, there is a lot of Nas resemblance in the way he tells his stories on his raps.

Alot of music lately is all about party and good times, but like Tupac ones said; “I’m comin from the soul
and if it don’t go gold, my story still gettin told”. That statement seems to be the foundation of Raiza Biza’s mentality. All his music are very deep in stories that you can’t help but relate to his experiences, feel his pain and cherish his achievements. Like really, do y’all know all this I’m trying to say, this is soul music, pure heartfelt lyricism about day to day life; the struggles, the ambition, the mistakes and the success. Here is an artist who is not shy to let you into his own private life through his music. Listen to Patience and get an idea of what Raiza Biza is trying to expose to the world, and please be patient if you wanna get the story. I like how they blend Hip Hop and reggae in Said & Done and Fed Up, the latter of which talks widely about the injustices around the world.

As much as it was the situation in Africa that made Biza to seek refuge in a far away  land, I feel we really need to step up and offer him the support he needs in his music career. Africa should be proud that one of her son’s is making a name in a foreign land. And I know we always love our brothers and sisters, whether home or in the  diaspora, especially here at AAA. It’s about time y’all got acquainted with the magic that is Raiza Biza’s music. He has an album out for free download at bandcamp, go get a couple of singles and I assure you will go back for more. If you like to get down and boogie to some dope Hip Hop, then ‘Posed to be a Summer Jam‘ is your type of stuff. Listening to his 2013 offering ‘Winter Solace’, I must say that Hamilton has a great job raising a good son for Africa. We owe so much to New Zealand. If you have ever doubted, then know this; Africa loves you Biza, we ride to your music over here and each record makes us very proud!!

Twitter : @RaizaBiza

Facebook : RaizaBiza

Albums : BandCamp


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