All around the A – Gasmilla [Ghana]

widget_background_gasmilla_azonto_quoteDays have gone real fast and I can’t lie, this festive mood is getting to my head too much that I have slacked a bit. Well, that plus my personal matters, have kept me away from writing for a while but you know we sacrificed to do it for Africa. I feel so much better today knowing that I woke up with the drive to push  this agenda out there, from Africa to the world. What better way to do this than getting inspiration from our Afrobeats? Talking about afrobeats, we all know west Africa is the core of this rich genre of music. Let’s head there straight away, Ghana to be specific. And no, we are not going to talk about Azonto, though it seems unavoidable to talk about Ghanaian music without mentioning that dance craze!

Gasmilla is a multi-genred; Afro Pop, hip-life, Rap & dance-hall,  artist from Ghana who makes very great music. This are not the ordinary afrobeat jams you will find out there, his are very unique. Listen to International fisherman to have a feel of what I am talking about. I for ones love the type of music that your body rhythms to naturally so you bet I am bopping my head as I right this. In the single Ghana De Be Hot, you can witness just how versatile  this brother is. This is actually my favorite jam from his catalog. It has that rise up feel to it, that just motivates you to keep going in whatever you do, without giving up. I love artists who show patriotism in there career and big up their countries or cities, that’s the spirit we need.

Music is all about creativity now, how much can you push the creative border is what determines how well your music will be received. Gasmilla has one of the best concept I have seen this year, in his video 3 points. I keep re-watching the video and I can’t get enough of the football game. The idea of playing verses the ladies just did it for me. Plus the fun in it just makes you want to watch  some more. I can’t wait for his next video, but in the meantime, watch 3 points below. Africa, please rise up for the next young black star!

Facebook : Gasmilla

Twitter : @GasmillaGH

Music : Mtv


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