A – interviews : Muzomix [Zambia]

muzomixWell well well, where do we start this. Okay, straight from the heart of Lusaka Zambia, we hook up with one of the best artists in the game right now. Representing Fafo, Muzomix is all about that positive vibe and taking care of his clique. Read and get enlightened on what Urban music scene in Zed is like, according to the All Star.

Man, welcome to AAA, let’s start with the formalities please.

I’m Musonda aka Muzomix (All Star) from Zambia.

Nice, Zambia is home to great talent, for how long have you been doing this?

I’ve been making records for about 4 years now.

Four years and going strong, why did you choose this path if I may ask?

I have always had an interest. My best friend Tai aka Big T was rapping while I made instrumentals for him those days lol. One day convinced me I could rap and I got in to it…

Funny how things turned around, so from beat making to rapping, do you play any instrument?

Fruity Loops instruments. Lol But I’m yet to start playing the piano.

Hahahaa, I see what you did there. Tell me, what new has Muzomix brought to this already crowded field?

Well diversity. I am an artist that can rap, sing on any instrumentals with different hooks. Always trying to do better by doing what others wouldn’t try. Because if a painter drew the same painting every year he wouldn’t be developing…

Thought provoking quote right there. How did your style come to be what it is today?

Well, mostly with my boys back then, we could switch the style up every time making ourselves better. And my style of writing is based on metaphors, puns that u can easily relate to.

Growth-wise, have you witnessed that part of life?

I went from making instrumentals (which I stopped) to rapping then singing and now doing both with my own consistent style. Now I can write songs and hooks in five minutes and people will love them. Whereas before it took days..

That’s plausible, so what embarrassing song is on you playlist right now?

I listen to anything. But the unexpected one could be…Gangsta Gangsta – NWA

Never even heard of it honestly. Which reminds me, is a there a genre you can’t stand listening to?

Hard Rock

That makes the two of us, hahaa. How is the Zambian music state right now, as you see it?

Well in my home town the support is minimal and there is high criticism. You have to just keep doing what you believe in. And don’t wait on others to help u get somewhere. Take yourself there

Can you comment about these talks about the game being controlled by dark forces?

Well things of the world are hard to understand. For me I believe in Christ and keep away from cursing in songs and making controversial statements. So I just do me and don’t get too deep into the “illuminati” and all that.

What do you consider as the essential elements in the making of a top rated artist?

Well it’s all about being real. Making a change or changing someone’s day you know. Music with good content, good delivery, good promotion, novel style and loyal fans make a top rated artist! Not to forget the time effort and funds invested in the art.

What about collaborations, is it something you give consideration and who would Muzo want to work with?

Doing new things makes one leave a mark on the industry. It’s good to be creative. There are a number of artists I would like to work with. Fjay from Zambia is one of them. Izaya from Nigeria and many more…

I know F jay, a very talented artist. Do have that concert you consider as your best so far?

The Afro Beatz performance that happened in November; featuring Burna Boy and Mampi. I and my boys Brizzo and Tony West Side (all from Zambia) killed the show.

I saw the pictures, it must have been crazy! Anyway, apart from music, is there something else you love doing?

I love to play soccer and I’m pursuing a Software Engineering Degree and I write scripts for videos (ours and other artist) and direct videos for our Video Shooting and Editing Company FAFO Pictures.

Quite a handful! Let’s talk ladies, which country in Africa do you think has the hottest?


And where, around Africa would you be found chilling?

My Home town, Lusaka, Zambia. With my boys.

Any crazy stuff that you have ever been busted by your fans doing

Not at all.

You are the careful type, I see. Make a single wish for Africa.

I wish for cooperation and Unity between/among all Africans in every aspect of life and success.

Our sentiments over here, what do you think can help unite Africa?

A common enemy, for example the fight against poverty

Thank you; now back to music. What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career? 

Be the best I could be and help others to climb the ladder and the chain reaction should go on and on.

You are a kind hearted artists Muzomix, we are honored that you granted us this interview. Kindly end this with a shout out man.

Shout out to my day one niggas Big T, Brizzo, Rob, Ugee, Krypton, H0z, CJ, Emmanuel.

My compadres Yung Stash, E.A, Yzee my producer! Tony West Side my other producer. A special shout out to my girl. In Thanks for picking me to be part of this movement. Always holla whenever you need me @WeAfrica. Bless.

Twitter : @muzomix

Facebook : Muzomix


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