Monstar Mondays : @RobMacson [Zimbabwe]

Guys, the revolution, they said shall not be televised, but they forgot to inform y’all that there will be plenty of booze, laser lights and dancing! Total insanity! Ooh how we love to have a great time in Africa, happy moments are forever treasured. So on Friday afternoon, I came across this video on twitter from Tehn Diamonds TL and you know anything from the Happy Smurf has got to attract my attention. I clicked, got redirected, watched, re-watched and replayed again! I couldn’t believe I was in Africa, leave alone imagining that it was a work of an African. Don’t get me wrong, we are all so awesome and stuff, but the level of musicality I was witnessing was beyond my expectations. Rob Macson is the genius and I here by declare him the official David Guetta of Africa. All hail thou.

EDM has just found a new home in Zimbabwe. Tagz never disappoints, but what Tehn did to this jam cannot be put in phrases, kindly go find it at the cemetery, buried! Let me not spoil the moment right here. Just watch for  yourself the magic I am talking about. And ooh, behold, We Love It!!

Twitter : @robmacson

Facebook : Rob Macson


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