Wild Wednesdays : Let Love Prosper!

Africa_fireworksWell, I have a lot of things running through my mind and I’m thinking of the best way to put them across. I am scared of falling under the cliche category with this post if I start talking about new year and it’s resolutions or how 2013 was amazing blah blah blah. Unfortunately, that’s what I want to talk about, though from a critical point of view, its much more about our individual growth. As an artist, I have learnt a lot just by going out of the way to write about other artists and share their story with the world. It has been amazing. If I was to change anything, it sure wouldn’t be my decision to interact widely with other musicians out there. So many stereotypical mentalities are out there concerning artists and just as they say, you can’t learn something from the outside.

Talking to Tehn Diamond, who is my personal inspiration and someone I honestly look up to musically, I learnt the value of humility and happiness. That brother is always happy lol, as much as he wants to deny it, Tehn has a different approach to art and life all together. Something that radiates positivity and I would urge every artist to borrow a leaf off his page. This reminds me, Zimbabwe by far has the thirstiest artists in the whole Africa. The hiphop scene there seems to be building up very fast  while the rest of Africa are in a ‘contented’ state. This year surely should see Zim artists getting continental recognition and the home support is actually there, I felt that. The relationship between rappers and egos is one thing I’m currently taking a degree course to study. Pray that I graduate with enough knowledge and finally understand that topic. However, I am of the school of though that we understand our self better and that is AAA will  always be our home.

We will have amazing interviews, where your responses will not be edited to only focus on the negativity just so we get traffic. That is not  what art is all about, let’s maintain the beauty in it please. Which brings me to the next point, everyone wants to make it, and I pray every artist out there lives their dream. What we need to understand though is the fact that there must be a time difference, we all can’t make it on the same day or in the same way. Exercise patience, ask around and interact with those who have made a name, it just doesn’t come overnight, it takes a while. The sooner you accept that fact, the easier the ride will be for you. Camp Mulla once said that life is a marathon, not a steeplechase, so set the pace and enjoy the race. As an artist, always reach out to your fellow, not through sending them links first, but be human. Africa has a strong wonderful social culture and it teaches us a lot about etiquette. Introduce yourself to someone first through greetings and if it’s about music, start by checking out what they do and how they go about their dailies.

Artists are human first, just the same challenges that every other person goes through, we get subjected to as well. How you handle them determines a lot about your dream chasing endeavors. Something I have come to appreciate (this is strictly my personal decision) is listening to music, a wide range of it that is, from different artists across Africa. If you send me a link, I will listen, maybe it may take a week but I sure will come around to do it and be certain you will get my feedback. I know all so  well the importance of that. I have this beautiful family around me that Kenya itself  did not give me. I always consider myself as a son of Africa first, Kenya just hosts me and believe me you, I can visit any country in Africa without worrying about where I will stay or who will show me around. That’s how awesome relationships are, go out there and make friends.

The only thing that saddens me still is the luck of love around our beautiful art. Through the A-interviews, I learnt that most people are ignorant of the dark twisted side of this industry, especially the new artists. We need not pay attention to such really, I have one solution to it all, LOVE.  Around us, there is hate spewing from all directions. If we turn against each other too, then who will come to our rescue? Love is the greatest gift ever. I have a dream that we can achieve a United States of Africa, where music and art  are united by love. Ooh how magnificent that would be. But it starts with us, artists. Lets quit being snobbish and appreciate each other. We ourselves understand the struggles we go through hence it is ‘we’ who can aide ‘us’ too. I have a sister with the most beautiful heart you can find in a human. She is among the 500 most influential Muslim  women in the world, yet when it comes to art, Rajae’s passion in unmatched. Can the rest of our beautiful sisters emulate her so we can continue making our beloved motherland proud?

As an artist, it will reach a point when you realize that it is bigger than your village, city or country. When you finally realize that the whole of Africa, and even the world looks up to you. Ready yourself for the coming responsibilities. However, never forget where you came from, where  it all started. That will help you  keep a clean head when everything else pushes you to lose your mind. Let us embrace love, for ourselves, for one another and most importantly, for our Motherland. Reach out and check on a fellow artist, it doesn’t mean you are less great than them. Nooo, it is about growing together, as a family. You can actually be blessed to find out that there was an opportunity somewhere that the artist you reached out to was looking for  someone to exploit. The thought of unity makes me so rejuvenated and I look  forward to hearing from you guys every single day. Just saying hi, like my brother Meta4riqSkillz from Zambia always does is a very kind gesture. It makes me feel like apart from just sharing your music and stories, we have something more uniting us. That’s how family is made.

We can talk forever, I enjoy sharing with you wonderful people. I have dreams too, but seeing you guys live yours is the best I can ever wish for. It makes me feel like I am living mine too. I trust we will make Africa proud, just like Rajae, Tehn and all our amazing brothers and sisters out there are doing. Let 2014 be the year of dreams coming true, the year of breaking into unimagined musical heights, the year of brotherhood and sisterhood, the year of unity, the year of Africa’s prosperity, the year of L.O.V.E. God bless you all.


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