Best Gal : @Meta4riqskillz [Zambia]

Honestly, I never share audios over here, but this is an exclusive. 4riq sent me this link yesterday and I have been listening to it ever after. Just sad I aint got a lady to dedicate it to :-(. One thing I admire greatly about this guys is his work ethic! After putting out that monster Amu Kanti Beliveti jam, he has never slowed down. He keeps going on and on and that is how one gets to the top. I truly look forward to this being his big year.

Best gal is one of those jams that you set repeat on your player, plug the headphones on and just go ahead with your daily chores, it can take you the whole day without thinking of flipping the playlist. Isaac Pro did an awesome job on the production. I feel valentines just came early for the ladies lol. Anyway, download, listen and be the judge. As for us, the verdict is out already. Shout outs to the Base barracks yo!

Download on Limelinx

Download on Reverbnation

Twitter : @Meta4riqskillz , @The_BaseStudioz

Facebook : Meta4riqSkillz


3 thoughts on “Best Gal : @Meta4riqskillz [Zambia]

  1. #Africa is blessed to have u guys…. U guys are totally #Awesome!!!…
    I ve no idea how grateful and happy I am!!..
    All I can say is Thank you fam!!!
    I salute u!!

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