#Mixtape : Submundo Luso vs 12Transfusons [Angola]

ARTE_PROMO_KAPA_MIXTAPEArtists sure know how to put in work, I mean y’all never took a vacation or even went for holiday really? Like it is just the second day of the year and my email is full with new releases man. I love this selfless determination that I am witnessing, you see, there is no shortcut to the top but hard work and persistence. With that said, our Angolan brothers have decided to reward us with a fresh mixtape, free download mark you, to kick-start our year. Saudações de toda a África, nós o saudamos camaradas.

The mixtape which has been put together by two leading entertainment blogs there; Submundo  Luso and 12Transfuson, hence the title, contains 30 tracks. What’s even better is, it includes MCs from other countries namely Mozambique, Brazil and Portugal. Now that is unity that I talked about. It has taken these guys over five months to put it all together and you sure won’t regret downloading this. Check the track-listing below and get your free download via media fire here .

ARTE_PROMO_KAPA_BACK_MIXTAPEObrigado Angola, agradecemos o dom de vocês e mais ainda, fazendo com que nossa pátria orgulhoso.


One thought on “#Mixtape : Submundo Luso vs 12Transfusons [Angola]

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