A – interviews : Brizzo [Zambia]

brizzoI promised you guys that we will get to interview Brizzo after sharing that killer visuals they dropped for Don Worry Bout It. Well, God is always on our side and luckily, this awesome artist from the land of Zambia was kind enough to share with Africa his story. Personally, I get confused when talking about Brizzo and Muzomix lol, but I hope after this, we will have a clear picture of the difference between them.

A warm welcome to AAA, tell Africa who you are please?

It’s the boy you already know, Bri-Double Zee-O AKA Th33 Brizz, repping FAFO from the motherland, Zambia.

Another FAFO rep? Well, for how long have you been around?

I’ve been doing this for quite some time; I gave my first shot at this music thing when I was in grade 8. Which if my memory serves me right was in 2005, so since then, I’ve been steady building up to where I am today.

Eight years and counting yo, that’s real commitment right there!! So why music?

Well, listening to artists like Lil Wayne, Fabulous made me try it out and the fact that they would use a unique style when rapping made me try my own and see what suits me best. With the help and influence of friends on the songs we would do made me take this career up.

Hold up, do you play any music instrument?

If playing random keys on a piano counts, then yes. Lol. Otherwise, still getting the hang of trying it as well as the drums.

Okay, let’s get going. Do you feel like you have NEW, like are you different from them other cats out there?

Looking at so many artists out there, it’s hard in the beginning because you’re trying to fit in but for me I tried my best to start with my own thing which at first wasn’t all so positive but when you get the hang of it and feel comfortable with your own style, that same energy can be appreciated by the people who appreciate what I put out.

Safe to say you’ve got your own style, how did that come about?

My style was from listening to all sorts of music, reading lyrics, looking up terms in dictionaries to understand certain terms used in this metaphoric rap style which I generated and made it to suit anything that I would hop on; all in all to stand out.

Growth-wise, have you achieved something tangible?

It’s really changed, I honestly didn’t see myself here today even having to have an interview, those are just certain things a young artist would admire and here I am doing that. The people that supported me till today, I’m really thankful to get here and the appreciation you show with the stuff I put out has made me evolve and top what I last did to become a better artist.

I wanna burst you right now, what’s embarrassing and is found on your mp3 player?

I really don’t think you would find anything embarrassing on my MP3 player, lol. All my music is acceptable and I wouldn’t quickly change that ‘embarrassing’ song if it randomly played, ha ha.

But is there a genre of music that you can’t stand listening to?

Well anything that doesn’t appeal to my ears, rock is one of those; I just don’t get that genre…Like….I don’t get it. Ha ha.

Rock is arguably a hard one to get a grasp on. How is the scene back home in Zambia?

The game in my country seeing I am based in Malaysia for school, it’s quite stiff because here is a young artist that does what he likes doing and feels appreciated by those that are with him but they will always be criticism towards whatever you put out. Hence, paying close attention to those people that will pull you down will affect you, so I just do what I do, stay true to myself and your supporters no matter what we’ll be there from start to finish. And to those, I say thank you.

Do they also talk about the industry being dark and twisted?

Well, all in line with criticism, they’ll always be rumours, beliefs surrounding certain artists as to how he became so rich and so on. These are just works to pull down artists, but it all matters what artist say in their songs to bring up such controversies. So the best is to have clean, understandable music and seek for Gods guidance in whatever you do because he will always be there for you from the ground up.

Strong faith you have brother, can you highlight what you consider determines who gets to the top of the game?

Being loyal and staying true to yourself. The content you put out should relate and impress yourself because there’s people that like what you do. Being real makes a difference too, I would rather have someone tell me to change something on a song I want to be ‘real’ with than have someone play a song that I just did because I wanted people to like me, you get me? . In that case, good content, good delivery, being real and all the input you do on a project should have a strong output because that’s your elevation right there.

Being real takes the top spot. What do you think about collaborations, who are on your work radar right now?

Yeah, collaborating with different artists and genres really helps because you understand the music industry more and also, it helps me as artist to become diverse in what I put out. I can take a style I did on an RnB beat and switch it up to a dance type song and it would sound nice too. So it does help because you get to be flexible on anything that’s thrown at you.

I would definitely like to work with some artists out there, Urban Hype, F-Jay, 32 Karat and some of the Urban Chaos guys, few Zambian big acts too, Macky 2. You know, to understand their style and see how that can boost me in diversity. Young upcoming international acts would be good too.

A great line up of talent you just mentioned, Macky II made my favourite jam, ‘We Don’t Care’. Moving on to performances, any highlighting one in your career so far?

My recent performance at the AfroBeatz Festival which hosted our own princess, Mampi and one of Nigeria’s new artist Burna Boy was one of my best performances. The energy from the fans and my boys Muzomix and Tony Westside was truly something worth remembering. I would relive that performance over and over, ha ha.

I watched that and boy ooh, the decor itself. I loved the energy you guys had on stage. What’s the hidden talent Brizz has apart from music?

Uhmmm, Lol, well I shoot, direct and edit my own videos; I do my own artworks for everything that’s out there. So quite a handful when you looking at me as an ‘artist’. Trying to be the best out there all starts from knowing your talents and utilizing it to the fullest.

Let’s diverge a bit and talk about love, would you date a fellow celebrity?

Ask me a few years later and maybe I’ll have an answer for that or better yet, invite you to the wedding, ha ha.

I will take that as a yes, we are looking forward to the wedding man. Which country has it when it comes to African ladies?

Haha, I’m going with my boy Muzomix on this one, Ethiopia, not forgetting Sudan. *wink*

Really? You had to put Sudan and Ethiopia in one sentence; I see what you did there. So where would you be found chilling across Africa?

Anywhere with my friends is cool with me. Good company makes a difference. But I’d like to hangout in Dubai, Mauritius and the likes, you know, wake up to that sun and beach environment, Lol.

Can a fun claim to have busted you doing something silly?

Haha, nope. That’s never happened.

We like asking this, how can we be useful in uniting Africa?

Just for us to support each other on what we do and not only music but everything because teamwork make the dream work.

Thank you the suggestion. Everybody has a target that they hope to achieve at the end of their career, what’s yours?

To be the best there can be and not only elevate myself from the ground up but to have my team and people that were there from the beginning to be with me wherever this career takes me. And also to leave a mark that I would be remembered for doing something and appreciated for whatever Brizzo did on a song.

We will put that in our prayers. It’s been fun kicking it with you man. FAFO reps are truly great guys and I hope I won’t confuse you and the brother Muzo again. What we will do is let you give a shout out to your people broh.

Eish, haha. Theres quite a lot of people to shout to but nevertheless, To God and my family for getting me here…My boys Muzomix, Krypton, MX, Ricco, Kalizz, Dutch, Bob, Ugee, Robert, Big T & the rest of the clique..! Producers, Tony Westside, Beats By Spades, Toots Cardiman… Special shout outs to my sister for doing what she do when I’m away.

The gyal dem, haha. Too many to mention but you know who you are, bad gyal Abi, Urbby, Katia, Naynay…Quite a number but all of them, thank you so much!

The mandem… iiHood, Jade, EA, Yungs Stash, Izzy, Kufre and just to everyone that’s put me on, too many to mention but I’m really thankful for those that are always there and supporting me. I appreciate the love and I will have a song just for you all, haha.

Reporting live from Zambia, it’s the boy Brizz repping FAFO and I want to say thanks for having me and taking time to interview me! YOU ALREADY KNOW!

Twitter : @ItsBrizzoBaby

Facebook : Brizzo

Instagram : th33_brizz


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