All around the A : @McChita [Zimbabwe]

The first song I played after downloading this album was Hustle All day and the first thing that came to my mind was, where is my sister Mishu. These are her type of vibe, rastafarian tingz!! I’m  about to get carried away and I am not even blown lol. First things first, let me start by saying that Tehn Diamond is the one who enlightened me about this new EP. I had listened to and totally loved Mc Chita’s charisma on Boyz Dzangu, one of my favorite Zim Hip Hop jams. How this brother fuses Hip Hop and Ragga/dance hall is beyond me.  The instrumentals on Money on my Mind is crazy. This is the point where all other African countries need to wake up and smell the coffee. Zimbabweans are hell serious on their music. Trust me, the work these guys have been putting out is astounding.

Get Down Girl is just bananas, if they don’t twerk to this, then y’all just leave Miley to be the only certified twerker. Experience is on some reggae influenced beat and the bars just  make you keep pressing replaying. They surely have garnered experience. This is surely a Big Boi Business so lets have some one shot, two shot, three shots man. man I don’t even know why I wanna spoil this up with unprofessional analysis. Can’t y’all just go get this marvelous piece of art and enjoy  for yourselves?

And while at it, here is the first video from the Gold album. It’s unthinkable to imagine that there can be people out there who doesn’t like Chita!

Meanwhile, you can get  your free download here.

Album : Red, Gold and Green

Twitter : @McChita

Facebook : Mc Chita


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