AAA Playlist : How We Do [Kenya]

I’m just chilled back, relaxing and enjoying the breeze back in Nairobi, Kenya. It is actually a wonderful place if you get around to being focused and that’s what I will do for the time being. I had a wonderful sample of Zimbabwean music from my brother Mcpotars’ site that I wanted to share but I’ve figured out that since I’m in Kenya, I might as well share the music I come across here first. This single is by a relatively new artist named Kash, a  vocalist Renee and the Urban hip hop pioneer La Balaa of the Wakamba Wawili duo. I’m not sure if they still churn out music as a duo though. As for the vocally talented Renee, you must have heard her beautiful voice in Coolagang’s runway hit, Kata Kiuno, if I am not wrong.

The single has great production both on audio and the video which is done on a green-screen setup, with complementing decors and the director played well with the angles. They have great presence on the camera and La Balaa crowns it with a laid-back demeanor on a Kingly chair (throne, maybe?)  as he wraps up the song. You can say what you wanna say, but nobody can do what the trio does, if I may quote Renee’s lyrics.

Twitter : @iamkashiz, @Labalaanimimi

Facebook : KASH Grindhauz


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