AAA Playlist : Money Talks [Kenya]

Today it’s inevitable but I’m going to flood y’all with some awesome music from Nairobi. I feel like I had lost touch with my country but now I’m back here enjoying the jams. Its only the second week of a new year but the work being put out over here in Kenya is amazing. It’s like these guys never went for holiday or maybe they had a vacation in the studio lol. It’s crazy I tell you. So I bumped on this new visual by an artist named B-Reign of Kenyan Boy campaign. Well, I remember him from way back last year when they had a smash record with Kayvo Kforce, welcome to Nai, boy did the lovely lasses on that video make me nostalgic. I missed that Nairobi life. Anyway, here is Dr. Reign again with Money Talks.

I won’t even go into details about the  jam, I will let you listen and be the judge. However, the lyricist in me is awed by the second verse. If you are one to pay attention to words, you will feel the positive message in these 16 bars. It clearly states how the industry is really messed up right now. The kind of stuff that people rap about just so they can stay mainstream and get label’s attention. Hopefully, we will have more artists like B-reign who are content oriented as opposed to bubble rap. Another thing worth mentioning is the number of guys who have put their brains together to make this project a success. From Russia (audio) to Zambia (Video) to Kenya (the artist), now that is how far one ought to go if you really are serious about your music career. Invest in it, and it will pay back.  When it’s all said and done, Money is all we live for, coz we aint wanna die poor. So put your money where your mouth is.

Twitter : @DoctorReign

Facebook : B-Reign


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