Future Fridays : KenyanHype Cypher.

Here is a cypher from Nairobi Kenya for all the Hip Hop lovers around Africa. The culture of cyphers is actually embraced awesomely in Kenya and as a result there has been quite a number. The best part of it is every new one aims to be unique in a away. Like this one, they producers were smart with the instruments, its a simple monotonic string and hi hats, enabling you to hear all the punchlines that are dropped.

The video is crafted very nicely. library box has a way with pictures that always amaze us. Judging by the line which included artists from some of the most promising Hip Hop cliques like BLC, CMG, Usual Suspekts and the like, you sure expect dope bars. The use of both swahili and English makes it even have a wider audience. Watch below


One thought on “Future Fridays : KenyanHype Cypher.

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