A week in the A – Piksy [Malawi]

I must admit that I’ve been out of touch with a lot of talented artists around Africa. Partly, its due to the fact that I’m busy ensuring Dr3am Ville puts out there debut EP, African Story this year. In the midst of all these, I must still find time, albeit how little, to share with y’all the  amazing talent sprouting out of our beloved motherland. OOH YES WE AFRICANS!! I just had to type that in cap for everyone who maybe doubting lol *parts myself on the back* 😀 Anywaaaay, back on this thing and we are heading to my favorite part of Africa, Blantyre. A little secret out of the bag, Tech Junk has a new song out, it is gooooood, we will share it soon with y’all. Today, it’s about another stunning talent from the central part of Africa, Piksy. I aint know about y’all, but I have been a fan of this brother from the time Zeze (Daredevils) suggested his music to me back in 2012.

Let me tell you guys something unique about Malawian artists. These guys use their local dialect so well that instead of wanting a translation of the song in English, you are left struggling to learn Chichewa! That is art if you ask me. I am all for the support and nurturing our African cultures, language preservation and all that cos believe me, after doing rounds around the world cybertically, I realized that aint nothing beautiful like your identity. How marvelous if it’s authentic, take my word for that. I am watching Unamata right now and boy I wish you could see the smile on my face. Smoooooth love song, as a matter of fact, if you dedicate this to that girl who has been ignoring your advances, trust me you won’t be alone come valentines day. This guy can sing and rap and the zouk instrumentals are heartwarming, perfect for him really.

What I don’t understand is if Malawians know how much Swahili is fused in there language. Never mind, I am jamming to Nyimbo Yako, another infectious love ballad, a dedication to someone special, I suppose. Loosely translates to Your Song. This is the type of music you can wed a lady to, and immediately leave for your honeymoon so can you do…. you know what. Maybe you are already writing Piksy off as just another love song artist, nooo son, you are wrong. The best, they said is always preserved for the last. Well,here is one of the best motivational and inspiration songs you can get around the A. From the storytelling nature of it to the catchy hook and eish, just everything about this music stands out. I’m talking about Maso. I love me a song with content, it’s even better if it has a relate-able story. I don’t care if the story does not relate to my life, as well as it relates to someone’s out there and inspires the hell out of them.

If I ever needed a push or drive to steer me closer to my dreams this yea, I have found one in Maso. Thank you Piksy, big up to the wonderful guys at Nde’feyo. One love from Africa.

Twitter : @PiksyPiksy

Facebook : Piksy


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