All around the A – AntoNeoSoul [Kenya]

Hey! This sure is going to be one magnificent week, no wait, month. Since the second day of January, artists all around Africa have been dropping gems daily. People are putting in work at last and that makes me all so happy. I’m just not sure if the people and the fans out there are ready yet to consume all these awesomeness that is springing off of Africa. I hope they are. In Nairobi for the past one week, one gentleman has been holding the public hostage literally. The anxiety has been building up so much in anticipation to the release of AntoNeoSoul’s single, Paid My Dues that when he finally debuted it on TV over the weekend, guys went crazy.

You know we love good music over here at AAA  so I had to do all I can to share it with y’all. Unfortunately, we had to wait till Monday for it to be uploaded on You Tube.  But guess what, its is absolutely worth every second of the W.A.I.T! For starters, Anto is a great singer who has mastered his vocals to fit perfectly into a variety of genres though he majors on Afro soul. He makes singing seem so ABC that you can’t help but marvel. Coupled with the jazzy feel on the instrumentation, PMD is a straight up classic jam. The video editor did an incredible job giving it some type of feel reminiscent of the 90s, plus astounding angle shots. This deep song speaks of the stuff one goes through on your path to greatness. A perfect start to a new year for all the dream chasers out there. Watch and share your feedback.

Twitter : @antoneosoul

Facebook : Anto Neosoul


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